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    AlbOS prototypes already contains custom-rendered lists.
    Storing "infinite" amounts of items within a TE isnt an issue either.

    Storing cropseeds in a special chest and accessing them via sorted lists > easyly possible.

    Will take some time, time i currently don't have though ^^'

    take your time. i decided to recycle the weak crops and use them as fertilizer for the better ones. now i only have 3 large chests worth of seeds to keep track of.

    iron scaffolds currently only drop when you break them with a drill, pick or mining laser. (the ones that are then not attached to anything fall and drop just fine) breaking with your hands seems to go at a reasonable pace (slow compared to pick rate) but breaks the scaffold. Seems not quite right unless that is the way you intended it.

    I used an electric jet pack with s solar helmet and i was able to get it to run indefinitely during daylight. it seemed to be toggling on and off very quickly but the overall result was that it ran fine without a noticeable power deficit. i report this as a bug because letting it charge on the ground with the helmet and then flying it without the helmet doesn't yield anything close to a 1:1 ratio of charge time to flight time. For now you can fly pretty much forever in the daylight.

    the seed bags don't stack and all have individual data values that are not apparent from their titles. This behavior seems appropriate with the way the crops work but it puts a large burden of careful storage and organization on the player. Perhaps you could have a machine, chest, or such to IndustrialCraft 2 in order to help people out. It would be nice to have something that could store the seeds, and organize them based on their cropnalyzer scan results. It wouldn't have to scan or do much, just have lots of storage space and let the user read the seeds data (only the ones that were already scanned of coarse).


    it isn't automatic but it is easiest and fastest to set up and it makes it so i can gather vast amounts of material on demand. One harvest (only the top two of each cane) is enough to fill my entire inventory with stacks of sugarcane and goes as fast as i can run through each row (you can overcome the hit speed limits my holding your mouse down before moving into range of the sugarcane). some falls off but i always get more then enough i gather them up when i need scrap and they double as a massive source of bio-fuel. it at least makes a little thermodynamic sense pulling energy from the sunlight. Either way it is the easiest way for me to get material.