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    So i just want to make sure, but no one else can craft generators, right? He hasnt finished electric age? It seems there are recipes for the machines, but i have no way to power them. Or is everyone derping around in the bronze age?

    I'm begging and bribing Greg to make coal dust compressible back into coal lumps.
    However, you CAN use coal dust in boilers, furnaces, etc. just like lumps. Only railcraft cares, for the purpose of making coal coke.

    yeah, i wish there was a way to do so. I hate losing out on coal by just smelting it right away, but i need coke at the same time. Eh, i guess ill have to have a coke/not coke coal pile. As soon as i find out whats wrong with my alloy smelter ill be all happy. :D It shows the exclamation mark thing and as far as i know it means no vent but i have nothing blocking the vent. I have three boilers feeding a small bronze pipe line to 5 machines, but only the macerator is running. the alloy smelter refuses to run. It IS an alpha so...

    Edit: turns out i just needed bigger pipes. Doh! lol Great work so far greg! Cant wait to see whats new.

    When it comes to coal ore, what exactly can i do in terms of getting a piece of coal back, besides just smelting it? Or is that the only way. I Pulverized a whole stack into crushed coal ore realizing its almost useless to me now because i though i would get a chance to get normal coal to turn into coal coke, but all i can make from it is dust. Is there a way to turn coal dust back into a piece of coal? Or am i just stuck with one piece of coal per ore?