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    I get a crash, yes i did the thing with the z, when i take advance machines out it works fine

    Crash Report:

    I am thinking that turrets will be a block that will shoot mobs that come within range of it, and the high resistance of the wire is to keep griefers from breaking and living it if they get stuck in it

    If you add torrents, can you make a way to disable them? - i don't want them, Although some sort of huge watchtower would be nice - you just place the block, rightclick, and it turns into a huge thing with a ladder and stuff already

    lol i guess it could be mob defensive i was thinking more along the lines of anti trespassers on my land on my server lol ive got what i call a prison fence so that it cant be jumped its 25 blocks tall with barbwire along the top and a trench along the inside and out side of lava 4 blocks wide 4 blocks deep. lol and if they get past that i have a small tesla set up right inside the fence too 8o

    I just wanted this to make a prison.

    What? now I'm confused. This mod adds bigger chests, not power converters or whatnot. You want twelve A, right along the corridor. In other words, this mod ought to work perfectly without industrial-craft, as it does not use power for anything, nor even, aside from the industrial diamonds (which I think I can ignore safely), use any industrial-craft items.

    bigger chest are usefull... even without ic

    Also why are you not using forges sprite sheets?

    I don't quite understand why this has to be a IdustrailCraft Addon - it could just as well be a stand alone mod with industrailcraft features - other people might want to use it..

    Regardless i use industrailcraft - but i think you should release it mainstream - and not tuck it away in a cornor of the everlasting internets.