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    [quote='Corbald',index.php?page=Thread&postID=26072#post26072]Well, since you're using an ICE CASUC, I would just switch to the RP tubes. No spillage and you just set a Transposer or Filter to stuff the tube with as much ice as you can per .2 seconds (on the RP timer). Should keep you're reactor SO supplied with ice you can potentially run OUT of ice and have to deal with increasing your production! I almost never see any leakage from RP tubes. If you stick too much in one, it just backstuffs the sending Trans/Filter, which is no big deal, since it'll just clear out when the Reactor has room for more ice.


    I actually tried to use Additional Pipes (The best looking, balanced addon for what I need), but I got odd graphics glitchs taht replaces random textures with the pipe texture and gave the pipes just blank.

    Reactor components can be VERY expensive if you dont go the (CA)SUC type reactor...I'm also pretty sure that it's better to use lava generators for the amount of EU they produce and the cheapness =/ Nuclear reactors arn't even that powerful...

    I get so much cobble (and dirt) from quarries that I just feed it in raw. If you're using straight IC with no mods, macerate the cobble to sand, make glass, then make panes. You'll get 70% more scrap for doing so.

    I never though of making panes =O I do scaffolding, or leftover sugercane/cactus from my farm.

    Since not all bedrock is an even surface, it's possible to uncover small "cavities" where bedrock is present on several sides. Such a place might be ideal for slipping a reactor but would certainly impair the cooling - making it all the more likely to explode. You sure wouldn't be able to find/make a space suitable for a containment vessel - at least not legitimately.

    Or use the extra bedrock the Miner digs up ;P

    I think there are still glitches in Minecraft's handling of water and explosions that can be exploited to easily make an explosion proof container. Until Al slips a fix in and blows up everyone's reactors :)

    Huh. Water shouldn't really affect the explosion *too* much. It still explode'd where by pipes/wires where, so it didn't totally mute the explosion.

    Well, I guess you could remove the wood pipe until the engine is warm. Or put some obsidian pipes under the reactor to recirculate dropped ice. You'd need a system like that if you use RedPower machines, anyway.

    I don't think that the obsidian pipe would work =/ The ice is fired EVERYWHERE around the chamber. I also can't use the steam engine, since it pulls 64 ice at once...

    The optimal speed is when it's green, which is also hard to get if it's trying to overheat all the time...

    You could just wait for the redstone engine to warm up fully before starting things up... Then build the system around that timing.

    Or use redpower filters/transposers instead, where you have much better control over the timing.

    Is there any way to make redstone engine warm up without actually pulling the ice? Or else it would just quickly fill up the reactor....

    I do have redPower insalled,also.

    I currently have a 45eu/t reactor, loaded with Ice. The problem is that the buildcraft engine that I am using to load the ice is redstone, so it gradually heats up and gets faster. This makes the timing go off, and it starts to overflow after 1 64 stack. This wouldn't be a problem if the excess went into another free slot, but it just pools on the ground...I can't have another stack started off since the reactor starts with the stack instead of the main one. Should I either 1)Switch to a steam engine (Requires maintence),2)Make the redstone engine 'plus' so it only loads every once in a while (Could I do this? The timing would have to be something like 5s uptime, 1s downtime, which I'm not sure how to wire :S )