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    Tired of your old coal only smelting 8 items? No problem! Now, you can make the useful V2000 XIndustrial Pearl!

    This pearl can be used to smelt a whopping 128 items!
    Crafted easily, just do this!


    Where P= Ender pearl
    G= uninsulated gold cable
    And L= Lava cell

    But, do you use electric furnaces?
    The V4000 Electric pearl-o-matic
    Fixes this!

    This pearl can be used to power your electric machines and smelt over 200 items in your electric furnace!

    Here's how to craft it!

    Where P= Industrial pearl
    O= Copper cable
    C= Electric circuit
    And B=Tin ingot

    Thanks for reading!

    You have your mining drill, or maybe your diamond drill, but have you ever hoped your diamond drill would have 200 uses like the ordinary drill?
    Now you can! With the Z-4000 QuantumGiga Obsidian drill, you have the power of a diamond drill with the uses of a normal mining drill!
    But, for a limited time only, you can get a whopping 20 extra uses with your obsidian mining drill!
    Now, to craft it:
    O D O

    Where =: empty
    And D=Diamond drill!

    But, maybe you don't have the diamond drill?
    No problem!

    O :Mining Drill: O

    Now you can get an obsidian drill with no diamonds required! (Yes, you can get obsidian without diamonds :Water Cell: :Water Cell: :Lava Cell: :Lava Cell: )

    Hope you think this is a good new addition!

    We have those old, portable scanners to use, but they never help much do they? This new item will fix that!
    The way it is crafted is like this

    Where B=Charged battery
    V= OV Scanner
    C= Copper cable
    A= Advanced machine
    And I= Refined iron

    This machine, when recieving atleast 52 EU's of power will use up 21 EU's per 3 seconds to show you where one, random ore is nearby! The scanning radius of the OZ scanner is exactly a 15x15x15 cube!
    After the machine detects you have discovered the ore, it will make a *BLOOP* noise and power off. To turn it back on, just give it 104 EU's of power, but if the machine already has power it will instead have a brief intermission (About 10 seconds) And point out a different ore!
    Of course, you need a device to see the ores, which is why there will be the XZ-2000 Glasses!


    Where C= Copper Cable
    G= Glass
    And I= Refined iron

    When you put these on your head, you have the ability to see the ores being detected by your OZ Scanner!
    These glasses require charge from a batpack, rechargable battery, or a single-use battery. Or you could just charge it in any power containing machine!

    Of course, this machine will need some disadvantages.
    Possibly, very rarely, when the machine powers down, it will overheat and take 5 minutes to recover itself, or 2.5 if a water SOURCE block is touching it!
    A disadvantage for the glasses is to have them short-circuit, and instantly run out of charge.

    This is my first suggestion, so thanks for reading!
    If Alblaka reads this, amazing mod, and please consider the addition of it!