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    We don't have blocks for all gems, so your answer is pointless.
    You can only make emerland plate right now (which is pointless without being able to make ruby or red color equivalent plate).
    Please pay more attention to forum.
    Don't mislead people.

    I'm not misleading anyone.
    I can craft with the Method i pointed out before following Plates:

    - Diamond
    - Emerald
    - Ruby
    - Sapphire
    - Olivine
    - Enderpearl
    - Glass

    If i look into the Laser Engraver.. only following Lense's are missing:
    - Ordo (cosmetic)
    - Ignis (circuit)
    - Dilthium (cosmetic, inscriber)
    - jasper (circuit)
    - terra (circuit)
    - green sapphire (inscriber)
    - red garnet (circuit)
    - opal (inscriber)
    - Blue topaz (inscriber)
    - aqua (lapotron)
    - aer (inscriber)
    - yellow garnet (inscriber)

    so i can craft following chips(yes, you need pre products. Only named the end product):
    - Basic Electronic Circuit (Ruby Lens)
    - Good Electronic Circuit
    - Advanced Circuit (Ruby Lens)
    - Data Storage Circuit (Emerald Lens)
    - Data Control Circuit (Emerald and Ruby Lens)
    - Energy Flow Circuit (Sapphire Lens)
    - Data Orb (Emerald and Ruby Lens)

    As you see... In our modpack we got GT 5.07.07 and i CAN craft all needed lense's with an cutting saw and an lathe...
    Wanna see screenshots?

    Running versions and so on.. -> Click me

    My mistake. Block form of gem's are comming from an other mod.

    Seems so.
    I can craft Plates out of the Blocks with an Cutting Saw.
    Dust -> Implossion Compressor -> Gem -> Compressor -> Block -> Cutting Saw -> Plate is working for me.

    GT Version 5.07.07

    I'ld prefer the Dust -> Implossion Compresser variant cause it looks more realistic.

    ...Is that possible? I thought liquids had nothing to do with oredict :(

    There is an "oredict" for fluids as same as for "gases" (Mekanism).
    With an little bit of time you can edit a lot of things, but be carefull. You cannot change GregTech 'cause it loads at last. (correct me if i'm wrong)

    Also Seppl93 i would like to ask, if I could use in InfiTech 2 and mess around with those MT scripts for Minechem you posted for ProjectRET modpack :) (credit will be given of course)

    I'll talk with BakermanLP to get this really clean. But i think there's nothing against this. Only let me get an clear message.
    There'll be a few more changes to make it "harder". Because you can do so many things with Minechem at low cost. Wanna set this mod to an level between mid and endgame.

    EDIT: So.. Got an little talk with Baker. You can use the Tweaks for MineChem if u give an small credit (for example "Inspired by ProjectRETv7" or anything else link to ProjectRETv7).
    If u want i'll send you an message if i change something important.

    My main problem is I cannot tell if this is a GT issue or a Minechem one. I *think* greg dynamically creates some fluids on the fly, although under what circumstances, I have no idea.

    Other than that I'm not sure how this version addresses my curiosity. I just want to know whose liquid that hydrogen is, and whether there's a way for me to unify it to regular GT hydrogen :)

    My text only supposed to be an little help for the implemetation of Minechem in an pack with GT.
    If there's no posibillity to change it in GT-Config, i simply would add an Minetweaker line to push them booth in an oredict entry. (if there are no balance issues)

    As an site note, if you want you can look on an small push i created.
    There are some important points you would have to deactivate (ingots for example).
    Most recipes are set to an "normal" gamesetting.
    Have to do some balancing too, but perhaps i can help you with that.

    Hey there,
    an small question.

    We build 2 Tungstensteel Boiler on our server to fill 2 Turbines (BigReactor) with constant 2000l steam/t.
    Charcoal and Water input is running with ender io conduits.
    steam extraction is running with ultimate mechanical pipes (Mekanism) and tesseract (TE, each boiler has an own tesseract).

    One turbine+boiler is running great.
    But the second boiler shut down every 1-5 minutes without an seeable reason.
    Both boiler and turbines are identical. same with the in and outputs.
    Only that the second boiler is disabling himself after a bit of time..

    Anyone who knows why?


    Solved the problem. Input was fast enought.
    But there was an Glowstone microblock dot on each muffler side..
    Didn't see it.. so blame me.

    Both boilers are runing with an constant output of 2000l/t each.

    Hey there,

    only an small information for you Greg.
    Seems to be an Factorization Item.


    [gregtech.common.GT_Proxy:registerRecipes:1109]: Thingy Name: diamondShard !!!Unknown 'Thingy' detected!!! This Object seems to probably not follow a valid OreDictionary Convention, or I missed a Convention. Please report to GregTech Intergalactical for additional compatiblity. This is not an Error, an Issue nor a Lag Source, it is just an Information, which you should pass to me.


    Hey everyone,

    we got an "problem" on the RETv7 Server.

    Seems that GT change the explosion and the hardness of blocks.
    To craft a few items you need to place them in the world and destroy it (for example Factorization Diamond Shard) with TNT. But some materials surviving this explosion.
    The config "B:harderstone=false" option is right so.
    Any idea who we can change this?

    Some infos:
    GT-Version: gregtech_1.7.10-5.06.04 (cannot use the 5.06.05 cause the fluid crash in it)
    IC2-Version: industrialcraft-2-2.2.654-experimental

    Test with Iron, Gold, Diamond, Obsidian Block and TNT
    NEI+IC2 = Only Obsidian survive
    NEI+IC2+GT = Iron + Diamond survive

    Infos about the Modpack like Configs, Mods included and others are there ->

    So the Ender Quarry works, but the Mek. Digital Miner doesn't, and IC2 miners don't (without that patch of code that SpwnX sent us). Fascinating.
    Although as a note, unless you've got ore generation going on other than GregTech, Silk Touch is an unnecessary upgrade; all full-block GT ores drop themselves, and all Small Ores can't be silktouched. If anything, I'd recommend a Fortune Upgrade for that.

    SilkTouch is only to get Redstone, Coal and co in their natural form as ore.

    PSA: If u use the Digital Miner and directly input an GT-Ore you will get "shit" like "Hydrogen Ore". Hydrogen Ore has no recipes or anything else.

    sure why not :)

    Push the button!

    An Ender Quarry with Silk Touch Upgrade and Speed II fills my first network.
    All is inside Aroma's Mining World (v. 1.7.2- and GT 5.05.10.

    As i know the Digital Miner don't get GT-Ores cause they are Entities.
    Quarry is disabled (fcking holes) and Miners are untested till yet.

    btw. U don't have to change the configs of Aroma to Overworld generation. J4I.