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    Dull booms hall through the deep concrete labyrinth...It had been a LONG time since ?????? felt something...But now, the unfrequent booms arround him waked his spirit. His mind started running again. Neuroprocessors kicked in. A sharp Pain flashes through his brain. He coulden't move! Not even breathe! The pain of drowning spread in his chest. He opened his eyes, finding himself in a Cryogene filled Stasis Capsule. ?????? mobilises all the power he has and rips the porouse shackles arround his limbs and his chest. He starts punching the glass wall with fading mind. They finally break shortly before he would have fainted. He struggles for air but catches his breath. He was cold, cold from the evaporating Cryogene on his Body. Suddenly a heavy bang lets the room start to dangle, dust and tiny chunks of concrete fall from the cieling. Silence.....Just ??????'s breath is hearable and maybe eben his heart beating. Another very heavy bang shocks the Room, the cieling starts to crackle and breaks. Down falls a burning wreck of a Minecraftian defense ship, the air starts to get hot and burning liquid starts flowing across the floor. ?????? gets up, grabs a bucket of Cryogene and throws it at the burning wreck. The flames vanish quickly. ?????? grabs another bucket of Cryogene and runs towards the wreck, climbing it to get out of the room. He finds himself in a large crater full of flames and with two wrecks in it. He has problems to run, his motoprocessors seem to have taken damage. The next bucket of Cryogene gets thrown to clear a path out of the crater. As ?????? looks up into the nightly sky, he spots Sarah.

    ??????: HEY! DOWN HERE!

    *BANG!* One of the wrecks explodes and ?????? gets hit by a piece. He falls to the ground as Sarah looks at him....

    *A Spambot whidebroadcast airs suddenly in almost any Radio and Com-Link*
    Spambot: “Minecraftians! We have imprisoned one of your best Fighters into our Base! Give up or we will ensure him the most longest and terrible way of dieing! Put your weapons down and come out oft your bunkers or the one you know as Bitterholz will die!“

    *Broadcast ends*

    *Bitterholz sneaks arround invisible in the Spambots Base. He wants to reach its rudimental Power Plant and some Command Units to kill them and steal some Infos about where they did take the Mincraftian Citizens to. N.I.C.O.L.E follows him without a Sound*

    *They reach a Corner of one of the Baracks and Bitterholz hides behind it, trying to get a Look on the Powerplant*

    Bitterholz: "Damn...Its guarded..."

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "So what now..."

    Bitterholz: "I think I need to get rid of this Guardbots...gimme some Seconds."

    *Bitterholz starts sneaking towards the Guards. He walks up on them from behind, close to the Powerplant's Wall. He reaches the Guards and bends his Arms backwards. He suddenly falls out of Stealth Mode and within a splitsecond the two Meele Blades in his Arms pop out, stabbing the Guards in the Back and retract again. The Guards fall to the ground like Rocks*

    Bitterholz: "N.I.C.O.L.E! Come here! Fast!"

    *N.I.C.O.L.E runns towards him*

    Bitterholz: "Now lets do them some Damage and get some Infos!"

    *Bitterholz and N.I.C.O.L.E start to Plant explosives in the Powerplant. Then they leave and sneak of on the Command Unit Barracks.*

    Bitterholz: "Watch the Effect N.I.C.O.L.E.."

    *He grabs his Remote Detonator and presses it. The Powerplant blows up in a HUGE Explosion. Suddenly all the Spambots in the Base start to run towards the burning and spark spraying Ruin.*

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "Wow! Thats nice!"

    Bitterholz: "Okey now that they are Distracted, we can easily reach they Informations we need to find the Place they come from and where they took the enlaved People to..."

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "Then what are we waiting for!"

    *N.I.C.O.L.E and Bitterholz sneak into the Commanders Barracks...but they didn't notice that a Intelli-Cam spotted them and gave silent Alarm.*

    *They start reading Logfiles and Struff like that, as 3 Spambot Commanders enter the Room with their Weapons drawn!*

    Spambot Commanders: "HANDS UP!"

    *Bitterholz and N.I.C.O.L.E turn arround frightened and put their hands up.*

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "But how...How did you know..."

    Spambot Commander: "We had silent Alarms! You put up your own Trap by comeing here! Stupid Minecraftians!"

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "You damn Spambots!"

    Spambot Commander: "Ah I see! You're an AI! Well you are very usefull then! GUARDS! Rip her Programm and get us Access!"

    *Guards come in and Grab N.I.C.O.L.E. One tries to Connect to her Holo Matrix.*

    N.I.C.O.L.E: " Get off of me! Leave me alone you Bastards! Bitterholz...HELP ME!"

    *Bitterholz's Face looks cold...his Eyes are closed...Suddenly they Open.*

    Bitterholz: "N.I.C.O.L.E? You said you are Backed up?"

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "Yes I am...but...what do you want to do....!"

    Bitterholz: "Sorry for your Holo Matrix...Tell the Others I won't give up fighting...."

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "What are you..."
    *Bitterholz Stabs her with one of his Blades....ans whispers in her Ear: Can't let them get into your Programm....Sorry...tell the others I will might still be Alive.... Then he lets her fall to the Ground. Her holo Matrix starts vanishing and Bitterholz truns towards the Spambot Commanders*

    Bitterholz: "And now..." *He pops out both Blades* "Now its YOUR Time! AHHHHH!!!!!"

    *The last things N.I.C.O.L.E sees is how Bitterholz starts fighting the Commanders, kills some of them but then gets knocked out and carried away...then her screen gets Black...and she Reboots after some Seconds in Blaster's Base......*

    *N.I.C.O.L.E appears next to Bitterholz*

    Bitterholz: "Guess Blaster send you to assist me in my little infiltration Mission down there" *He nods over to the Spambots landing Zone*

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "Yes he did. So what are we gonna do?"

    Bitterholz: " as much Damage to their Base without being detected." *He smiles to N.I.C.O.L.E and screws Silencers over his M14-O and Bk45*

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "Wait...does a Silencer even work on a Laser-Rifle?"

    Bitterholz: "It does!" *He points the Bk45 on the ground an shoots...A dull and softly Laser Sound was it...not the usual big PEW!*

    Bitterholz: "See?"

    N.I.C.O.L.E: "Wow..thats sounded like nothing..."

    Bitterholz: "Well now lets go and play a little 'Cloake and Dagger'!"

    *Bitterholz aktivates his cloaking and starts running from one pile of Bushes to the next, but straight towards the Base*

    *As he and N.I.C.O.L.E arrive at the Base, Bitterholz sneaks beneath a Camera. He waits for each Camera to have a Blind Spot where he can rush trough. N.I.C.O.L.E follows him silently. Suddenly Bitterholz stops and pushes himself agains a Wall*

    Bitterholz: "Quiet......" *A Spambot Patrol leaves a Gate wich absolute perfectly fits into the Wall. As they are gone Bitterholz starts moveing again. As he comes closer to the Gate, he notices a weak spot in the Wall....*

    Bitterholz: "Hmmmmm....I wonder if..." *He activates Augmented sight wich gives him a Thermo-View, allowing him to spot the Spambot Guard directly behind the Wall*

    Bitterholz: "Gotcha!" *He clenches his hand to a fist and punches trough the porous Spot in the Wall, Grabs the Spambot's Heard and breakes his Neck with a terrible cracking Sound"

    *Bitterholz looks at the Hole in the Wall*
    Bitterholz: "Nice Door the Spambots have there" *He grabs his M14-O and unsecures it.*

    Bitterholz: "N.I.C.O.L.E can you fight?"

    *Bitterholz was laying in a group of Bushes far away from the City, the day after the bombing on the Great Plaza*
    ---Com-link Opens---
    Bitterholz: "Wasmic? You read me?"

    Wasmic: "Roger that! Nice to hear you made it! I owe you one for saveing me."

    Bitterholz: "No need to thank me....Seems like the Main Sectors are clear! How are our Losses?

    Wasmic: "Very small. We survived the Shelling pretty good."

    Bitterholz: "Well i've got some Bad news for you! The Spambots did enslave Parts of the Mincraftian Citisens! They brought them to a Shuttle and took of! And their Command Unit is ordering new Forces as far as I could spy it..."

    Wasmic: "OH NO! They will use them as Test-Subjects for horrible Experiments...We need to save them!"

    Bitterholz: "Unfortunately I got to tell you there are more Spambots arriving at the Moment! They seem to replenish their Forces faster than we can Kill them!"

    Wasmic: "WHAT! Where are they at?!?"

    Bitterholz: "This is the Coords of where they're landing: Sector A17 X: 16572 Z: 2074"

    Wasmic: "They plan to invade the outer Cities?!? We can't let the People there down!"

    Bitterholz: "I know! But we need to keep them away from the City first! Meet me here: Sector B16 X: 15490 Z: 571. And bring the Heavy stuff!"

    Wasmic: "Roger that! but what will you to till we are there?"

    Bitterholz: "Don't worry about me! I will try to do some sabotage so they get slowed down! Radio silence for now till I message you again."
    ---Com-link Closes---

    *Bitterholz keeps sitting in a group of Bushes nearby the Spambots landing Zone. They Start to build shelters up there and a Drone Factory! Bitterholz kept spotting whats going on at their Place to prepare a litte sabotage Trip to it....*

    Bitterholz: "Shit this can't be true....!"

    *A huge front of Spambots appears out of two sidestreets*

    Spammbots: "You will stop now! Drop your Weapons and give up!"

    Bitterholz: "NEVER!!!!! *grabs his M14-O and starts shooting into the Spambot crowd* AHHHHH Take that!"

    Bitterholz: "Damn it no Ammo left..."

    *the only barely decimated crowd of Spambot comes closer and splits....a Spambot command unit steps trough the glade the crowd formed *
    Spammbot Commander: "Your weapons are useless! Give up stupid Minecraftian!"

    Bitterholz: "NO! I WONT! Maybe you have won this Fight...but we will meet again!

    ---Com-link Opens---
    Wasmic: " there!?!"

    Bitterholz: "I hear you wasmic!"

    Wasmic: "Spambots aproaching to the City Centre! Need assistance!"

    Bitterholz: "I'm comeing! Stay alive wasmic!"
    ---Com-link Closes---

    Bitterholz: "Can't fight you today!" *Bitterholz cloakes and runns towards the City Centre*
    *Wasmic hides inside a Room of the City Centre...*

    ---Transmission Initiation failed!---

    Wasmic: "Damn! they are blocking the Transmissions...I hope Bitterholz makes it here alive..."

    *The Spambots try blast away the Main Door of the Building in a big Explosion*

    Wasmic's thoughts: Oh God no! they mustn't reach the Core of the Building! they want to shut down the Orbital defense Shield and the auto-Turrents!

    *Suddenly wasmic hears the Metallic Steps of some Spambots near to him. His Heart starts to pound fast as he hides next to the Door....*

    *Three Spambots push the Door open and enter the Room*
    Spambot1: "I bet you! There is a Minecraftian in here! I can smell his stain!"

    Spambot3: "And I bet your Processors are Damaged! This Room is empty!"

    *Spambot2 turns arround and spots wasmic..*

    Spambot2: "Look what we have *PING wasmic shoots the Spammbot in his Face!* "System..brzszt...destroyed...!" *Spambot2 falls to the Ground*

    *The other Spambots are shocked*

    Spambots: "You Bastard! You killed T-K567!! We will frie you in hot Creosote Oil!"

    Wasmic: "NO If I shall die ill take you with me! AHHHH!" *wasmic starts shooting the Spambots*


    Wasmic: "Oh noo!..." *The last Spambot who Survived his Attack grabs his Throat and Lifts him up in the Air* "Arghhlhghgggg...."

    Spambot: "Stupid Minecraftian! I will kill you with my bare Hands! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...." *BANG! Glass suddenly flys trough the Air and the Spambots Head gets blown away....*

    *Wasmic falls to the Ground and tries to Breathe desperately. As he looks over to the other Side of the Street he spots Bitterholz in a splittered Window, laying in his Bk45.....then he Fades out*

    ---Com-link Opens---
    * Wasmics Face appears blurred in the Com-Link and his voice is scratching*
    wasmic: "Everybody out there! We need help! I command a small troup of Soldiers against the Spambots Offense...brzzz.....we need to take....Spaceports back...brztzzztzrr!..."

    *transmission interrupts*
    ---Com-link closes---

    *Bitterholz thought he was dreaming...Years ago, he suddenly got dropped into a World...where nothing was! He lost all the Memories from his Life before the Respawn. He had started to build up a little Facility, wich actually did come along nicely. But now...with wasmics Message...some darkened Memories started to put Fear in his Heart and his Neuroprocessors...he didn't knew what it was...but he knew what to do...*

    Bitterholz: "Damn! Seems like today is the Day for some Spambot hunting!"

    *Bitterholz sprints to the Armory and Equipts his LZ-Bk45 Laser Sniping Rifle and a M14-O Assault Rifle*

    *Lock n Load sound of the Bk45 gives Bitterholz a good Feeling as he steps trough his Portal to Minecraftia*
    Bitterholz: "Lets kick some Metal-Asses today!"

    *Bitterholz Appears at a Portal in Minecraftia and starts Running trough the City*

    ---Com-link Opens---
    Bitterholz: "Wasmic can you hear me?!?"

    Wasmic: "I can hear you Bitterholz! Where are yo..."
    *A heavy Explosion interrupts his Voice*

    Bitterholz: "Give ma just a Minute! ETA to assistance 30 Minutes! Take heed guys!"
    ---Com-link Closes---

    Bitterholz's thoughts: I hope im not to late....
    *Bitterholz activates his sprint assist servos*

    Bitterholz's thoughts: Please stay alive wasmic!

    You have read/heared about an Off-Topic Story? "Like The Spambot Wars Season2" or "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny".

    Well if you like to contribute to those Storys there are some Things ou have to mention BEFORE starting to write! This Guideline is to tell you how to write good, correct and lined up Parts of a public Story.

    First: READ THE STORY!
    You MUST read the Story you are contributeing to COMPLETELY before you start thinking about contributeing to it! If you don't do like that, it will most likely end up in destroying the Storyline or just getting not Mentioned by the other Authors in their Parts of the Story.

    Also you might allready have an Idea, but it maybe doesn't really line up with the Story. If thats the Case you should think twice about adding it.

    Second: The narrative Perspektive
    Narrative Perspective means out of which view you write a Story. There are three main Kinds of Narrators: 1. The Ego-Narrator or "Me-Narrator" 2. The Personal-Narrator and 3. The Authorial-Narrator.

    The difference between those three narrative Perspectives is their Point of View to the things happening.

    The Ego-Narrator has just the View of ONE single Person...and his narration is scented with Feelings and Emotions. He also refers to thoughts of the Person he declares and their Personal Backgrounds. This Kind of Narrator writes mostly in thoughts of the Person he Declares.
    E.g.: "I started running...running away! I didn't want to be here any longer! This Place we lived has become terrible!"

    The Personal-Narrator can have the View of One ore more Persons. His narration can be scented with Feelings and Emotions, showing Thoughts and Personal Backgrounds. But he can Declare more then One Person! It is the most common Form of Narrative Perspective.
    E.g.: Julius and Miles didn't feel good about leaveing Maria alone at the Train Station...The where scared that something could happen to her...

    The Authorial-Narrator is a Form of Narrative Perspective, wich doesn't ever have a View of one or more Persons! He is more like a Ghost, floating above the Scene as a Spectator. He can have a scent of Emotion, but its more like how the Author feeled while writeing it. He is also "omniscient".
    E.g.: Haveing a Lunch together was the only thing wich really kept the Family together in those Days. They all didn't feel good...but they helped each other.

    If you are not sure wich kind of narrative Perspective you should choose, try to write some Texts in all three Views and choose the one wich is the most easy way for you.
    Or look at the Parts of the Story someone else has written...maybe you can get some inspiration!

    Third: Straight Storyline
    Straight Storyline means that a Story doesn't randomly Split, wich means People suddenly hop/teleport to an other Location in the Timeline...there can be Splitted Storyline but those Cross at some Point. If a Storyline gets to splitted, its very hard and confuseing to either read it, or write it.

    The Problem is thet many People who contribute to public Stories, make the mistake that they break of the Storyline.
    This often Happens by doing:
    ---> Timejumps, wich means that a Person/Writers leaves the momentary Timeline and starts a New one either in the Past or mostly the Future.
    ---> "Beaming", wich means if multiple Authors refer to one or more Persons, shifting the place the Person is at in their Scenes. (Often happens through not
    mentioning Part1 of this Guideline)
    ---> Reincarnations, wich means if some Author lets a Person die in one of his Scenes and another Author just keeps on writeing about the Person.
    --->Overkills, meaning Persons a Author creates wich are like Super-Super-SuperMan, just wanting to "Godmode" them. (Wich is actually boasting and isn't wanted.)
    --->Theme-Breaks, wich means that e.g. you let a Starship fly into a Medival Story and start Lazering the Knights....!

    Try fitting into the Timeline if you create a new Character wich joins the Storyline. Use like Sudden Appearings or like some of the old Characters randomly meets yours.
    NEVER EVER just get your Character in to the Timeline as if it has been there forever since before the Story even started!

    Doing this is not always easy and the other Authors might not mention your Character in their Scenes immediately, but you also shouldn't force them to do that by doing things like directly adressing their Characters with yours. E.g. like this: He Called [Personxyz] and [blablabla]... If you to the "random 'Hi there' on a Street" thingy, its more likely that they start adapting their Scenes, takeing your Character into their Narration.

    Fourth: Language Capacitys
    Often its the Case that the Story isn't writen in your Mothertounge, but in a Language you're might not that good at. You should really look about some of the Parts the others have written. If you have trouble to understand things, you most likely will also get Problems writeing a Part yourself. There is defenitely a Point where Google Translate doesn't help you anymore, and thats Sentence Structure! If you start writeing and come to a Point like this where you are not sure if it Sounds well, you have two Options.

    First: Asking others if they read it over and give you Tipps! That is often disappointing I know, but take it as positive Criticism and improove yourself trough it!
    Second: If you really think it Sounds bad and you don't like getting criticised, better Abort then trying to go on with it and make yourself sad. Its always a Proces of learning for all of us! (No Offense!)

    Fifth: Tipps for good Writers
    There are defenitely some things a Storywriter shouldn't do. Wich are doing Overkills (compare Part 3 of the Guideline), boasting with their Super-Human Characters, ignoring criticism and/or other Authors Characters!

    A good Author Always sees the other Participants Character and tries to mention them in a Friendly way. He doesn't boast with his Characters and/or writing Skills.

    There can NEVER enough Imagination Power while writeing a Story! Feel free to let your Thoughts fly when writeing! Listening to some chilled Music while writeing is a Personal Tip of myself. (Of course nothing that distracts you!) Writeing a Story is like createing a Universe in your Mind and Hands...treat your Story with care and don't let it fall!

    The only restriction to your Imagination should be the Story's Theme! You shouldn't break a Theme (Compare Part3).

    I hope you liked this and it Helps you to start writeing Parts of a public Story!
    I like to hear Comments and Criticism of yours so feel free to do that in the Comments! Also if you want me to add/change/delete Something out of this Post.


    Im thinking your Idea is quite good wasmic...
    But will this mean a Season 3 of the Spambot Wars?

    And another Question wich I wanna ask is: May I write the whole Season 2 together into a (as best as its Possible) Story and present it on the Forum with your permission or hand it to you s you could present it? Would be Awesome!

    Was a lot of Fun to write with you Guys!

    *Bitterholz watches thepowdertoy's Heroic action in the Dark Energy Reactor*

    Bitterholz: "So the Ship is under your Controll again?"

    thepowdertoy: "It is! Now we need to get the Nuclear Delivery Vehicles goin!"

    Bitterholz: "Im working on the Manual overrides ATM...but I nee to have a little Conversation with Execbolts...about the Disintegrator. I need to Thank him for letting us Access the Aeonium reserves he had. And i also want to Improve the Cannon with his Help."

    thepowdertoy: "Jeah we'll be fine here. Could you transmit the Data of the Progress you made on the Manual Overrides to the AI?"

    Bitterholz: "Sure!"

    *Moves to a Console and starts typing at a wicked Speed*

    Bitterholz: "Everything should be accessable to you now. Now I need to Contact Bolts."