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    So I recently decided to download IC2 because it sounded like a fun idea, and upon testing a few things, i noticed I couldn't make either the Forge Hammer or Iron Furnaces. I'm using the recommended 1.7.2 Forge download, as well as 1.7.2 (Build #419) IC2. Specifically, I'd place all the necessary items in the correct setup, but nothing appeared in the product box (or whatever it's proper name is).

    I also tried using NEI 1.7.2 to find the proper recipes (tried legacy and experimental recipes beforehand), but it didn't display a recipe... I guess I could always just "trade" items using NotEnoughItems, but is there a reason why it's not working? Do I just suck at drag and dropping, or is this a widespread problem?

    On a slightly related note, should I just attempt to use a later/earlier build?