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    I picture this more as a copy machine that just needs an item to be copied placed in one slot. Then UUM in another slot, and a final slot for the copied item (And maybe one for paper, just to be silly). Attach a button and it will copy the item once per button press. Put a switch and it will just keep going until it runs out of UUM.

    As for item cost of UUM, the complex way is to analyze the recepies for the amount and rarity of their base components. This would work for if there are other mods installed. I might suggest having it check when Minecraft loads for any new mods added. If it detects a new mod, then it would check the recipies. It would store the cost in UUM in a file that could be read each time after that. Like assigning the block ID of an item the UUM value required. I figure that would make it load relatively faster after the first time loading a mod. A problem arises for materials that are added by other mods, because their rarity needs to be discovered.

    The other way set it up is to assign general values for different items. Any items from other mods would require the mod owners to assign the item a value themselves. If an item is not assigned a value, then the machine will not copy it. So pretty much only the IC2 items would work with it at first, but those are the main ones that give me trouble with the BC automatic table due to not stacking some items.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my suggestions, I hope they are helpful.

    I think this would be a great addition. The fences would not be super strong by themselves, but they would cause quite a shock if powered. I have been thinking of something like this, it would be a great low tech replacement for the force field.

    I might suggust renaming it to "Replicator". It adds a nod to Star Trek, and sounds cool. :-) I personally like the idea, it makes it so that you can skip the whole need for a 3x3 grid. It also is better than the BC automatic crafting table since it only requires UUM, and it wouldn' get stuck on items that don't stack. I have noticed that crystals and other unstackable items make mass production on the automatic crafting table impossible. It may or may not be fixed in the future.

    Either way, this would make UUM useful, and add another cool machine, I am all for it. :-)

    Oh, I would suggest having it be able to store energy for being able to create smaller/less costly items quickly.