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    List of First Words:

    1 ingredient : 2 Water Cells = Watery (Thanks, Roger1960 for this addition & corrections)
    2 ingredients : 3 Water Cells = Lite
    1 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Regular (This means that this word will be left blank)
    3 ingredients : 2 Water Cells = Strong (Thanks, Vico666)
    2 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Thick
    3 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Stodge

    List of Second Words:

    Any wheat : 0 Hops = Soup
    1 Wheat : 1 Hops = Regular (This means that this word will be left blank)
    1 Wheat : 2 Hops = Dark
    2 Wheat : 1 Hops = White
    3 Wheat : 1 Hops = Alcfree
    1 Wheat : 3 Hops = Full
    1 Wheat : 4 Hops = Black
    2 Wheat : 5 Hops = Dark

    List of Third Word:

    No Fermenting Time = Brew
    2 hours Fermenting Time = Youngster
    4 hours Fermenting Time = Beer
    12 hours Fermenting Time = Ale
    Much more that 12 hours Fermenting Time = DragonBlood (Thanks, Xizzzy)

    Note that if you put a ratio not listed on here, such as 3:2, it will round to the nearest ratio.


    6 Wheat, 2 hops, 4 water cells, 2 hours Fermenting time = Thick Alcfree Youngster
    12 Wheat, 6 hops, 27 water cells, No fermenting time = Lite White Brew

    What a Mod! I love it! :thumbsup:

    Have been playing Industrialcraft for a few days and am having a Blast ! I'm up to mid level machines already with a 13 Mill Water Tower for power. I'm about ready to move from my Underground Base to the surface and start an Industrial Complex.

    I'm also running Magic Chest and Mo' Creatures. I may have to stay on easy difficulty till I get a Force Field up, as I have a fear of Ogers causing major problems for me. X(

    How about a full set of Advanced Armour? The Chest Plate, by itself, is rather useless, considering Jet and Bat Packs.

    If you don't plan on further development of IC, I hope someone equaly Compitent and Imaginative picks up the ball. ;(

    Thanks for the most entertaining and interesting Mod (Overhaul) I've played yet! I hope you continue to develop and update IC.

    As for Secret Recipes, Try Recipe Book by Risugami.…mods-recipe-book-updated/

    Now to add and make that Nano Suit. :D

    Thanks Again,