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    Is your multiblock formed properly? As in, what does the control block say when you open its GUI? Is the muffler hatch obstructed? Wait, right-clicking the control block with a soft hammer doesn't make a sound and show the "machine processing enabled" text? Are you sure you're using a soft hammer? Because it should show that text regardless of whether the multiblock is operable. Does the soft hammer work for disabling any other GT machines?

    Interestingly, the quarry isn't actually that great an option due to the way in which ore generation works in Gregtech. You might end up hitting a couple of veins, but unless the quarry is placed carefully, you're not too likely to get the vein type that you actually need. On top of that, the quarry will end up mining a shitton of stone that has nothing but a few small ores in it until it actually hits a vein, so it's pretty inefficient. My favorite ways to mine these days are either by hand or by setting up track to allow a Steve's Carts tunnel bore to mine out just the ore vein.

    Do foil and lenses have a use as covers?
    If no, will they? What kind of functions could they have?

    The lenses are used in the precision laser engraver for making certain circuit parts out of foil.

    The transformer is able to output up to 4 packets of 32 EU/t. That your polarizer is not burning the cables is pure luck; the bending machine is burning the cables because it's occasionally requesting more the one EU packet at a time, probably in order to make up for cable loss. The solution is to replace the 1x Tin Wire (which should be cable, to reduce power loss btw) with 4x Tin Cable.

    @Greg, I really hope the AESU does comes back, and IDSU, the Dragon Egg module, along with the auto crafting table, sorting machine, and many other things that made GT4 awesome. The AESU and IDSU ruled - I know you got buffers now, but couldn't we have an option to turn some of those things back on in the config? *pouty face*

    Both the autocrafting and sorting machine are already in GT 5. For autocrafting, use the packager with the proper schematic. For sorting, you have the type filter and item filter (and I think one other as well, the regulator, I believe). What else are you missing from GT4? The AESU probably won't come back, since it's pretty much made obsolete in terms of functionality by the battery buffers, but I could imagine an IDSU-type block making a return.

    One more ... READ MY MESSAGE , where i sad what it doesnt take crushed iron ore as iron dust...

    About pump: we need pump for eating all the nether! It was very good source of energy... was .... Good bye my nether gold silver copper tin etc farm :C

    Yeah... see it wasn't obvious at all from that post above that you had solved your problem. Sorry for trying to be helpful.

    I just want a god damn Pump in GT!

    Are you talking about the advanced electric pump for draining big lava lakes? If you just need a pump for getting water to machines, try the Drain cover on a pipe.

    How does Bronze blast furnace work? I build it as 3 x 3 x 4 empty inside cube, but it dosent work. I tried both coal , and coal dust. Oh , and i tryed to place lava inside - lava just vanished from there ... very strange , or did greg change how bronze blast furnace works?

    Is the multiblock built properly? The top has to be open, and it sounds like yours might not be.


    Ok, I read +60% power use on the IC2 wiki so it confuses me, but what do you mean by "power transmission wise" ?

    But my idea with this is, if the macerator uses 4eu/t (it's more likely to be 2 but I'm not sure), this means that the HV one uses 64eu/t (or 32), which can easyly be powered with LV. It may not be efficient in terms of power, but the HV macerator gives the new byproducts of the pulverizer, even if I can't afford a HV-power production, which would therefor be way more interesting

    With Greg's machines, moving up a tier in voltage doubles the processing speed but quadruples the eu/t, thereby making each tier higher use twice as much power per operation. So a macerator that uses 2 eu/t at low voltage would use 8 eu/t in the MV machine, and 32 eu/t in the HV machine. For power transmission, you may have noticed that greg's cables have, at minimum, a cable loss of 1eu/amp/meter, which makes transmitting power over any kind of distance at low voltage a total waste, and gives much better returns at higher voltages. So while you theoretically could power an HV macerator with just two packets of LV, you would need to have the macerator pretty much adjacent to your generators/battery buffer.

    You can do a 5x5 combination of 4 boilers (this also work for several other MB machines).

    I've done a 5x3 combination of two boilers, but I hadn't tried a 5x5 because I wasn't sure if you can share any of the hatches between multiblocks. If you can, how does it work? Would an input bus shared between two boilers just require twice as much charcoal input?

    The tool-tip for the bronze boiler says, "3x3 of Fire Boxes (bottom layer, Min 3!)" so I'm guessing Greg's boilers are like Railcraft's boilers in that they can have a bigger base. Also yeah ... the wood harvesting, lol.

    There's only the 3x3 base for gregtech boilers. Anything else will not work. The "Min 3!" is to let you know that you must have at minimum 3 Fire Boxes in the bottom layer, meaning that you can't have too many input hatches and such. Also, Railcraft boilers can be any bigger than 3x3 base.

    just to inform, on vanila GT we still dont have any tool to silk touch redstone ore, and the only material that can give it to us, is very far

    Why do you need to silktouch redstone ore? If you're using Greg's ore gen, then the redstone ore drops the ore block when mined.

    #Large boilers: the biggest diference betwen gt l-boiler and RC boiler, is that gt produce steam dazzling fast, way to fast, on most cases you cant get all the steam out of the l-boilers, and end up losing it, on beggining i advice to build the L-boiler (can we get a easier name for them?) atach to a rc tank, so the l-boiler can inject all the steam it produce at the tank and you dont lose any of it, just for the info, a bronze l-boiler produce enough steam to almost run two mv steam turbines. You can also check my sneaky peeks and think for yourself.

    Yes you absolutely can get all the steam out of a boiler. If you're unable to make huge fluid pipes of a sufficiently good material to handle all the steam, then just have more than one output hatch on the boiler.

    Some1 : I'm guessing you recently upgraded your Blast Furnace to accept High Voltage? The energy loss you're experience is due to that. Stepping the voltage up doubles the processing speed but quadruples the power usage, meaning that using voltage of one tier higher reduces the efficiency by 50%. So your power loss is not coming from the batteries, but from the Blast Furnace itself.

    I have a few questions concerning amperes :

    First, when I have a 4slots buffer, with only 2 batteries, will I have 4 amperes or 2 in my E-net ? I tested it, but got strange results :
    - With 2 batteries and cable 2A, it didn't melt : so it should be 2A (it melted with 1A cables)
    - With 3 batteries and cable 2A, it didn't melt either, which is strange.. How many amperes are there ?
    (Tests made with a single plate bending machine)

    Second questions, if I have a 2A network and use 4A cables, will I have 4 losses per meter or 2 ? (With tin insulated cables)

    The buffer with 2 batteries will be capable of outputting 2 amperes. The one with 3 batteries will be capable of outputting 3 amperes. However, the bending machine will only request up to 2 amps at once, meaning that in your test, only 2 amps were being sent through the cable at once. Had you added another machine to the system, the buffer would have sent 3 amps through the cable, melting it.

    The cable loss is per amp being sent through the cable. So a 16x tin cable that is carrying only 2 amps would have the exact same loss as a 2x tin cable carrying those 2 amps.

    You should not be using more than 2 LV energy hatches, because each energy hatch can take up to I believe it's 4 amps, and each additional energy hatch multiplies the power draw of the blast furnace by a full tier. so with four energy hatches, the blast furnace is trying to draw at least High Voltage, if not Extreme Voltage (I'm not actually completely sure on how it works with more than 2 hatches). Reducing it to 2 energy hatches will cause the blast furnace to draw a total of 128 EU/t. If you have sufficient power generation (at least 4, but preferably 5 basic steam turbine for example), the blast furnace should run fine without a need for a battery buffer.

    Have you been looking at the right altitude for the ores you need for the rechargeable batteries? Lithium spawns in veins with tungstate and scheelite, and those veins are quite rare so you may have been getting unlucky, or looking at the wrong height. You get sodium from a number of different sources, so check NEI on what you need to look for, although you may have trouble separating it from those sources since many of them require a Medium Voltage Eloctrolyzer.