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    I seem to be the only one on here anymore. Plus, no applications are being accepted. Is this server dead?

    I would like to join your server, because most of the other servers are either pay2play or other mods besides IC.
    My IGN is randalpik. I have my own server as well (but it's not IndustrialCraft.) I'm relatively new to IC but I feel pretty knowledgeable about it. I have read and will abide by the rules. Thanks for considering my application!

    Hey, I finally got an account on the forums.

    As to the topic, I think this is a good idea but needs refinement. I think it should be an advanced workbench that, once you put a recipe in the crafting grid and put matter in a separate slot, it should be able to make more advanced things than a regular crafting bench, such as iridium plates. The recipes would vary from the regular crafting recipes.

    Alternatively, it could also make items that are obtainable elsewhere, for cheaper. For instance, it could make industrial diamonds from a single compressed coal ball and some coal dust, rather than 8 compressed coal balls and a piece of obsidian.

    As a cost to this amazing new technology, the Advanced Workbench would be difficult to craft, and it would also require resources each time you create something with it, taking a piece of matter and several hundred thousand EU to do the job.

    If I were to make this add-on, the hardest part would probably be the GUI for it.