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    Question: Will this let me run FTB Ultimate on my iPhone?

    Regardless, this is just about the most gentlemanly thing I've seen someone do on the Internet all week! Thank you, good sir, for selflessly improving my Minecraft experience; I look forward to installing. Cheers! :)

    Greg, as a long-time-lurker who recently started asking questions here, I have to say... this thread is a WHOLE lot more welcoming than the OP makes it sound! I honestly feared I risked banishment for failing to read subparagraph 15-C of section 84 of Appendix D, or the like---and that's hardly a fair assessment of this community. Perhaps adding something like, "don't worry, if you're not an idiot and don't ask about Lightning Rods, we welcome your contributions" might bring more overly-delicate flowers like myself out of the woodwork?

    After all: True idiots aren't going to be fazed by threats; it's only the smart, well-intentioned n00bs who're gonna be scared off! :)

    And i would to ask whether GT adding apatite by default (Source: "i don't know if GT generates its apatite by default, but i know that either GT or forestry Apatite will work for all the recipes that use them."

    I started a section a few days back on the Mod Compatibility "Discussion/Talk" Page for requesting clarifications/expansions to the main Mod Compatibility Page... and then I didn't tell anyone it was there, for I am an enigma.

    That's one of the questions on there, so I figured this was as good a time as any to point out its existence---I think it might prove a useful way to organize questions about mod compatibility until the experts can get to them.

    (It might be a good idea to set up something similar for the FAQ page---I notice a lot of "we really should add this to the FAQ..."-style comments, so adding those to the Talk/Discussion page for the FAQ should make it as easy as possible on those poor souls who know enough to answer them!)

    PS: Lag is surprisingly not a problem. CPU load averages only ~22% with 5 players in seperate areas, 3 dimensions loaded, one generating new chunks in the twilight.

    Apologies for the double-post, but this is great evidence against one of those annoying modded-Minecraft myths: Chunkloading in-and-of-itself is not going to cause any serious lag or server issues. A single player loads over four hundred chunks simply by being online; any supposed ceiling on loaded chunks should always be considered against that.

    It's never the number of loaded chunks that causes problems; it's what's happening in those chunks that'll give servers issues.

    Yeah, in my experience RailCraft is ideal for chunkloading. It doesn't have the geographical flexibility of ChickenBones' chunkloaders, but the Sentinels do give a satisfactory amount of control. You can disable the fuel requirement in the config, and (according to FTB testing reports from JadedCat) it has wider compatibility than ChickenBones' chunkloaders (specifically with Ars Magica, which apparently causes random chunk resets alongside CB's chunk loaders).

    Personally, I run off the theory that "if you're online, all your stuff should be working no matter where you are, because that just makes sense," but, "if you're not online, neither should your stuff be." Accordingly, I freely allow RC Personal Anchors (which only work when their owners are online) for players' use and disable fuel requirements entirely---but I disable RC World Anchors (which work when players are offline) completely. All of this can be done within railcraft's config.

    GregTech worldgen should be biome-independant.

    Ack, I missed that change on the Wiki; just spotted it now. It makes me a bit sad, I'm a big proponent of mods that encourage exploration, and I always thought having to seek out different biomes for different ore distributions was a cool feature.

    Speaking of which, in determining ore generation, does GregTech use Hell & Sky (biomes) or Nether & End (dimensions)? In the case of Hell & Sky won't be true biome-independant.

    I assume so; unless things have radically changed since I last looked at GregTech, there are unique ores in the End and (I'm pretty sure) the Nether. And it could still be biome independent, just dimension-dependent---i.e. if you made a "Hell" Mystcraft biome, Nether ores may not spawn there if they're locked to Dim-1.

    Edit: And yeah, it looks like that's what's happening---the WorldGeneration.cfg file has boolean "Nether" and "The End" values for each ore type. I suppose it could still be keying off of biome, though; Mystcraft would be the test for this.

    IIRC PFAA stones don't work with the 3x3 pickaxe thing from Electro Magic Tools (Thaumcraft addon). I'm not sure but PFAA stones might not work with TiCo hammers.

    You know, I just realized I'm doing this thing I do where I get excited about everything and completely over-extend. Time to rein it in: Getting GregTech to work with my current set of mods will be good enough :)

    (And in case you missed the ninja-edit to my last post, the "workshop" entry in the RC config does appear to refer to a structure added to villages, along with a RailCraft villager.)

    What does this line do in railcraft config anyway?

    I haven't the faintest idea---I assumed either generated structures in worldgen, or perhaps something related to villages.
    Edit: Yep, it's village stuff (perhaps with a Rolling Machine?) From the changelog:


    NEW: Added Railcraft Villager and Structure to Villages. (credits to AEnterprise for the initial code)

    Having done a bit more poking around, the Iron/Copper/Tin/Gold entries are actually kind of interesting---they generate large seams of "Poor Ore", which smelt into nuggets instead of ingots. The idea is that you now have an incentive to set up a Railcraft-based mining operation to clear out a whole deposit, which on paper sounds really fun. I don't think I'm ready to experiment with it and Gregtech and PFFA, though.

    I don't speak putin. Translation please. (Is this racist to say if so sorry)

    Pro-tip: In life, if you find yourself asking "is this racist?", just assume it is and rephrase.

    In other news: This Mod Compatibility page is the gift that keeps on giving, as I just discovered the Per Fabrica Ad Astra/Geologica mod there. Has anyone had experience or problems running it in a larger pack with GregTech? I love the idea of scientifically-accurate geology, but I do want to make sure I can still get my Certus Quartz, Factorization Dark Iron, farm-compatible Apatite, ThaumCraft Infused Ores, etc. (Of course, I realize most of this question is better asked on the PFAA forums, which I'm reading through now, but to the extent that it relates to GregTech I thought I'd ask here, too!)

    Hopefully my answers will help you. We only distribute bans to very stupid people and all your questions are valid, in my opinion.

    And the only things around here that really get you banned are 1) being a complete ass:cursing: , 2) asking for release dates, or 3) telling Alblaka to make a Lightning Rod. And out of those, the 1st is common sense, the 2nd often gets a second chance, and the 3rd is moot because Greg made a Lightning Rod and the Almighty Dragon Lord is currently on leave.

    Thanks a ton for your help---this thread ain't nearly as scary as Greg makes it out to be in the OP! ;)

    One follow-up question regarding gems: I understand GregTech's gem-generation is biome dependent. Is it compatible with Biomes o' Plenty biomes (i.e. does it operate off of Forge Biome tags), or only ExtraBiomes as listed in the (admittedly out-of-date) wiki?

    For Natura, I was looking over the configs, and I think one option to suggest on the Mod Compatibility page might be to disable Natura's trees in Natura.cfg. That way, players can keep their Heatscar Spiders, Cotton Plants and Nitro Creepers without having Natura's wood mess up the plank nerf.

    And good news, everyone! It looks like Minetweaker 3 for MC 1.7 is due to be released in early beta today or tomorrow, which should be a huge help in getting everything in a 1.7 pack to play nicely together.

    I'm going to spend today/tomorrow/July learning the unification settings as best I can, then maybe draft a quick tutorial for the wiki. I've seen a lot of people in this thread whose problems were solved with appropriate unification settings, and it strikes me as a very powerful feature in general (indeed, I've always wondered why Forge doesn't have some kind of configurable automagical unification built-in, at least for the "obvious" things like "ingotCopper"). Even if my "guide" contains mistakes or omissions (which it shouldn't, for I am brilliant), I suspect it will be easier for someone more-knowledgeable to edit something, than to draft it from scratch.

    And finally, can we get an update on when a stable, finished, completely polished and error-free version of GregTech---that configures itself via telepathy---will finally be out, dagnabbit? I've been waiting for gosh-dang ever---and that son-of-a-mother Alblaka had darn-well better be finished making a Lightning Rod by then, too, for Jebus' sake.

    Hello, long-time "too-afraid-to-post-cuz-I'm-sure-I-missed-something-and-will-get-banned" lurker, but I'm taking the risk today!

    (Please be gentle, I'm a delicate flower.)

    Like I said at the start of the article I'm writing from a point of view of a player who can't code. You can't fix the problem with configs only. If you know about coding, minetweaker and stuff you probably have better ways to get information about how to fix stuff than a wiki.

    Thanks for your work on that page, black3agl3, that's exactly what I was looking for (indeed, you've added to it just today, and already answered a few of the questions I was ready to ask). Kudos :)

    I do have a few questions to clarify a few things on that page (and I'm exceedingly sorry if I've missed answers to these anywhere obvious!)

    As a general rule, should I disable ore generation in other mods if GregTech generates an OreDict equivalent? If GregTech handles it, I'd like only GregTech to handle it (because nothing grates on me more than two types of Copper Ore). I assume the answer is "yes", and that this may even be a fairly dumb question. So let's quickly move on...

    RailCraft: "If you disable Railcraft's World Generation, do note that GregTech will not generate Firestones" --- The RailCraft config allows disabling worldgen piecemeal. In RC 9.1, does the following look like appropriate RC worldgen settings for GregTech compatibility (changes from default are in all caps)?


    Applied Energistics 2: The Charged Certus Quartz (via GT Electrolyzers) can be used in all AE2 recipes that call for Certus, yes? (I.e. I won't run into any brick walls with AE2 if I disable its worldgen, despite the blacklisted unification?)

    Tinker's Construct: Should I expect any issues if I leave both TiCo Aluminum and GT Aluminium worldgen enabled, and just treat them as two different metals? (I'm not sure what you mean by "... some weird things might happen with GregTech's unification which might require you to edit GT's configs to fix the problem").

    Natura: Yeah, I hate Natura's non-oredict wood, too. Is the only issue that the nerf won't apply to them (resulting in Natura's wood becoming a "better" source of planks)? You recommend disabling the wood nerf, but I'd rather keep it and avoid using Natura planks---I just want to make sure there aren't other problems/reasons for disabling the wood nerf with Natura.

    Forestry: What's the solution to getting Forestry and GT to work together? If GT Apatite doesn't work in Forestry farms, should I disable GT Apatite generation in favor of Forestry, or will that cause problems with GregTech?

    Thanks again for your work in assembling that page, and thanks in advance for any help you (or anyone else) can provide, and thanks to GregT for making a very exciting tech mod ... and also for not banning me in the event I've missed something and/or broke a rule ;)