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    Is the Smelter the only automated way to turn a solid metal item to a liquid in a pipe or tank?

    You can pipe fluids into a mold just fine. But what about the other way around? Do you have to manually use ceramic jugs + funnels to put liquid metal in a pipe?

    One jug can hold 13 ingots and 8 nuggets of molten iron that won't cool down, which is handy, but manual.


    Fluid -> item is easy.
    Item -> fluid can only be done with a Smelter?

    So after playing with it for a while now, I think the new stone tool tiers are out of whack. In vanilla MC, you can get wood with your hands, use the wood to get stone, use the stone to get iron, use the iron to get diamonds, and it's a nice natural progression. GT basically writes off the wood tool layer and you have to start with flint or stone then move on to metal tools. With the new stone types and woldgen however, you can't mine with rocks or flint but for a few minutes until you run into some of the harder rock types and can't cut through them. For some reason, a stone tier 1 pick can't break tier 2 rocks. You then have to walk around until you find 6 granite rocks and skip tier 2 and just go to tier 3. So you spend the stone age using tier 3 tools, only to get your first iron, and it's only tier 2. That's fubar.

    Not true. 3 rocks are enough. Make a pick, mine 6 blocks of hard stone, then make a club out of those. Club allows you to smash cobble (mined with pickaxe preferably) into rocks, make a hammer, then use pick + hammer to make more rocks.

    Also, make raw steel pickaxe heads and combine them with flawed Q3 gems (diamond or Al2O3 based mostly) to get a fairly durable tier 3 pick.

    And the part about wood tools is also not true. 2 wood picks can be used to mine enough stone to make a club, which then allows you to get GT granite (Q:1 S:3.0 D:64 = better than flint) picks immediately (smash stone to get cobble, place cobble, smash cobble to get 2-4 rocks)

    Pretty sure that was mostly just Club, at least for vanilla Cobble, the other Stone Types might work with Hammer though.

    red+black granite works too. This is handy because you only need to collect 3 rocks for a pickaxe and gather up some granite cobble, then you can make the club + immediately make hammer after (faster mining speed and maybe even better drop rate?). Saves time and sometimes it's very hard to gather 6 rocks of the same kind.

    Thanks for adding the fish oil to bronze gearbox, we now have the option of running 64RU/t centrifuge with just bronze, without nickel or carbon (invar, steel respectively).

    Btw, is there a way to distribute items evenly from single input to several outputs? i have a charcoal factory which is connected via brass pipe to several barrels which have hoppers below them, but all the charcoal goes to the first barrel. I think there was a pipe called Distribution transport pipe from Addtional BC pipes mod. Is there a way to do this with GregTech?

    Try using a pair of hoppers before the barrels, set up redstone so the hoppers only output if both have items inside. With GT hoppers you may need to set the batch size with a screwdriver.

    uh yeah, they are not supposed to till coarse dirt, the vanilla hoes dont take that into account sadly. I think they do in later MC versions.

    I see what you did there :D

    1. 6.09.05:
    2. [FIXED] Vanilla Hoes wont till Coarse Dirt or Podzol anymore.

    So, the correct way to turn coarse dirt into dirt is ... place it in a swamp then sift the mud?

    Can this be automated somehow? Maybe add a recipe for the mixer, to make dirty water? I suddenly remembered some old youtube video with a "dirt factory"...

    I love using lignite as fuel for the burning boxes, because you don't even have to calculate the fuel or remove the burning box, just use a piston to block the air intake, and the box stops. Lignite also gets you the most dark ash per heat delivered.

    Also if you find some graphite, you can get pure carbon early on, and 1 carbon = 50 steel. If you have some spare gold, silver, copper (and maybe zinc) then you can turn some or all of it into black steel or even blue steel for tools with double durability. It is probably more time efficient to stick with regular or black steel, but if you can't find much graphite and want to reduce your carbon usage, blue steel is great. Slightly tricky to make, though, and I'd recommend an invar burning box before you start to reduce fuel consumption and make the alloying more beginner friendly.

    Is the way plow takes damage during use intended? Right now the plow seems a bit expensive to use compared to the shovel.

    Shovel takes 5 damage for each tile of snow or 10 damage for each block of snow removed

    Plow takes 10 damage for the first and 110 damage for each additional snow removed on a single use (removing 9 tiles costs 10 + 8*110 = 890). Removing snow blocks with the plow costs 20 (first) and 120 durability (each additional block). On top of that, it costs approx. 6 times more resources to make for the same durability, and you can only use it on snow.

    In typical use (removing 6 snow tiles at a time) the plow is about 6x faster than shovel but it costs over 18x more resources to clear the same amount of snow with a plow, compared to a shovel. So you need to make 3x more plows for clearing the same amount of snow as a single shovel.

    I was making a fancy spreadsheet for crucible smelting to avoid accidents (although I admit just removing the burning box with a wrench is a much simpler approach, UNLESS you're doing wrought iron or tin alloy which are a bit hard to tell by colour)

    So at some point I noticed the crucible mass value in my spreadsheet from an earlier mod version wasn't correct anymore. So I assumed the new value was correct, which resulted in melting my crucible while trying to smelt tin alloy for a thermometer :P

    In 6.03.02 the ceramic crucible mass is reported incorrectly as 5569.422kg

    This is probably caused by the change that makes clay balls contain 1 unit of clay?

    Anyway the ceramic crucible still has the original mass slightly under 1400kg.

    Can this be fixed? The crucible likes to be naughty when the calculations are off, and wrong info leads to wrong results.

    I'm not too happy with the pipes either. Especially with the notion of vacuum pockets appearing in the pipes (or is it air pockets that take up volume unused by the fluid in each pipe block? Some fluids might not like contact with air...). I guess whatever invisible air vent the pipes have must be two-directional.

    It would be great if the pipes worked more like this:

    1) Place pipes. When placed, they are filled with air by default.
    2) Place air vent, or maybe a pump set to suck air out of the pipes. It would hiss as it does that. Or maybe use plunger to that effect. This results in the pipe having vacuum inside.
    3) When something outputs fluids in the pipe, it can only come out of the pipe if there's no vacuum (underpressure) in the pipe section (sections are separated by shutters). Assuming machine fluid input is designed to operate at atmospheric pressure. Basically you have to fill a pipe before something can come out of the other end. If the entire pipe has just one fluid type, this can even save some CPU cycles by not having to recalculate the fluid amount in each pipe section but instead just operating with pipe inputs, outputs and throughput between them.

    Or maybe this could fit within the overall idea of the mod: If the GT pipes cannot handle vacuum, then when water and steam meet inside a pipe, the pipe could implode due to rapid steam deflation. Other fluids might mix resulting in sewage/toxic waste.