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    I would be happy if there was nothing but the remote temp sensors in a MC 1.10.2 version for sponge-forge 2107
    as i use those to manage the reactors so they can run unattended with out worrying that one will self destruct and take out the servers industrial center.

    The rest of the mod is awesome, but the remote temp sensor is to me, the absolutely most useful piece in it

    I just ran into the craziest issue

    I have a 5X5 reactor, on the S side, I have 2 power plants

    Each one consists of
    2 heat exchangers, powering 1 steam generator, feeding two turbines with a condenser on the last turbine, fluid ejectors in all of them

    it works as it should, condensation gets sucked up out of the last turbine by the condenser, and some how by osmosis, it migrates it back up the chain to the steam generator
    the closed loop works, aside from some gradual loss, which is realistic.

    Ok now on the W side, I duplicated the set up for 2 more power plants (800 Hu reactor)
    all should be well right?

    But it isn't, the condensers are not working, the end turbines fill up with water and shut down, the front turbines remain water free.
    I have double checked that I have all blocks facing the correct way except the condensers which don't appear to be turnable as if I wrench them, they just break regardless of what side I wrench,and everything, made sure they have the correct parts in them etc.

    It is set up exactly how the S side is, but does not work.
    I have even torn it all apart and rebuilt it, but it does the same thing.

    Do they only work aligned N and S or something?

    There seem to be no fluid tanks on the reactors in this build?
    nbt data shows them but empty, but no visual representation in reactor GUI like there used to be
    and you cant not seem to pump fluid into them either directly or via fluid port

    the config file no longer has an option to enable/disable experimental cooling
    i am assuming it was not disabled since there are the reactor fluid port blocks (need one for electric out too)
    so i am also assuming i am doing something wrong, but can not find any information on much of the latest changes

    Anyone want to educate me on where i am messing up?
    new 1.7.10 MC install, forge 1208, default ic2 config

    was wondering if the 1.7.2 build was going to be updated?
    alarms in this build need the sound fix, and seems energy counters do not work?

    I know 1.7.10 is newer, but 1.7.2 still has the largest compatibility as far as overall mods and plugins

    Great to this this little but hugely useful mod back up and running!