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    When using latest version of GT (5.10.05) from CurseForge for MC 1.10.2 with Forge in combination with SpongeForge 1.10.2-2092-5.0.0-BETA-1758, I'm getting following error from Sponge:

    Full error log is here.

    This happens only with GT. Only 3 mods installed: Sponge, GT, and IC2-2.6.69-ex110. No error with IC2, only GT.

    And for what do you need those? Most IC² things are disabled in favour of GT things to actually have some kind of progression rather than putting random things together whenever you want.

    Well, I would say the way you used to do it in early versions of GT was much better and appreciated. Just to remind you, creating a circuit in GT machine was more efficient material-wise. I see no problem in doing the same here, instead of just f-ng up the whole thing.
    Old GT was giving an alternative, better way to craft things. It was great, and it was loved. New GT is giving no alternative, going "you must suffer"-way. That's... well… "the F did he did here…"-like.

    There is an easy Config for that.

    I honestly couldn't find it, though searched well. Would you, please, point to it?

    Then please tell me about those intrusive behaviours you would like to get rid of. List each of them very precisely. And don't start with some vanilla things requiring Tools to be crafted, that one can be turned off in the Config easily.

    Well, for a start, some IC2 things, like: RE-Battery, Energy Crystal, Lapotron Crystal, Advanced Circuit, Electronic Circuit, Basic Machine Casing; Also, splitting metal blocks into ingots. Flint and steel. That's not a precise list, but this is the first things that came to my mind. I've checked config files, and I've checked GT source code. I'm sorry, but I did not found an option to disable this override. Must be either very well hidden. ;) Would you, please, point to it? Thanks.

    While I do agree on a "learning spike", the question about having a single config option is still up. Is it possible at least put all replacements in one config file?

    Also I must say the option "B:quarry_false=false" in "disabledrecipes" is very, very confusing.

    PS. I believe it would be a good idea to add this question, and an answer to it, to FAQ/QA part of the post.

    look in the Gregtech configs, you can change most, if not all the things he changes. as for Why he does it, my best answer is to give the game a reason to explore, not just spawn in and settle. Also to lengthen the time it takes to get to End Game material. In vanilla, most can have full diamond armor and tools, potions, in a few hours. With gregtech it can take days, or longer, depending on your play style. Gregtech is not a passive mod like most, that can be taken or leaven depending on the pack your playing with, it is a central mod that packs should be built on.

    Well, most != all, and it's quite scattered. I don't understand, was it so hard to add a single option "be less intrusive", in one place?..

    bear989, I understand the reasoning behind the GT in whole. I understand why was it made the way it's made. But there are far more than two kinds of people (who wants GT and who doesn't). There's people who likes what GT ADDS to the game, but want to keep their existing experience intact. I like GT. I really like how it adds a tech span to the game, extending it for weeks. But what I don't like, is that it's ruining the familiar flow for the new people. For those who would like to get to GT step by step. Instead, GT is hammering them with a hammer to the head right from the start. Learning curve? Meh, **ck it. <- THAT is what I don't like about GT.

    Having an option to "add, not destroy/replace/remove" would be a very needed one.

    I have a question, that has probably been answered, though I've used search on multiple different terms and did not found an answer.

    Is there a way to make Gregtech work unintrusively? I mean, without overriding any existing stuff/recipes in any existing mod or vanilla. So GT would only ADD things, NOT REPLACE or remove. Is it possible? If not, why not?

    If there's already a solid answer to this question, please, point a link, I would be grateful. Thanks.

    That April 1 "joke" is the stupidest thing I've met this year so far. And it's April 2 now, btw.

    Pro GT6 is only ores and basics now, only GT5 is somewhat "playable" (altho I can not say it's completely playable due to 1-april-related texture crap going on)

    PS. Feel free to add any other reactors not included in list - I usually don't have much time to search and update the table. So if you see any reactor not listed there - add it, please. Anyone can edit the table.
    Thanks! Other people will be grateful too, I guess. ;)

    I guess it is an indication for how efficient a setup with mass fabricator for uranium production would be.

    Well… It's called "magic" because I didn't wanted to spoil the fun too much, but… click the spoiler on your own risk. OP fun killer inside. :/

    What's to keep AE from replacing rods with the wrong ones? Logistics Pipes or an AE Subnetwork could be used to keep the reactor stocked with the proper number of each type of rod, in which case, your setup certainly could work; but export buses alone aren't smart enough to do what you want them to do. There's nothing to keep them from replacing smaller burned-out cells with larger ones, which could easily be catastrophic.

    Looks like you didn't get the idea of timing.
    First of all, it's tested and it works.
    Second, AE set up to import depleted cells of both types and export fresh ones of both types.

    :Advanced Machine: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: - heat vents
    :Uranium Cell: - double fuel rod, :Coal Cell: - empty double fuel rod
    :Lava Cell: - quad, :Empty Cell: - empty quad

    Initial load (simplified):
    :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Uranium Cell: :Lava Cell: :Wind Mill:
    :Wind Mill: :Lava Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill:

    After 10-15 minutes replace slightly damaged dual cells :Uranium Cell: with fresh ones.

    State after 2 hours 44 minutes (1 full cycle):

    :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Uranium Cell: :Empty Cell: :Wind Mill:
    :Wind Mill: :Empty Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill:

    AE imports depleted quads (note the untouched doubles, because they're still have 15 minutes to burn):

    :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Uranium Cell: :?: :Wind Mill:
    :Wind Mill: :?: :Uranium Cell: :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill:

    AE exports new quads into two empty slots:

    :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Uranium Cell: :Lava Cell: :Wind Mill:
    :Wind Mill: :Lava Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Water Mill:
    :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill:

    10-15 minutes later same repeats for doubles.

    Again, it's tested and it works.


    Even if you are using LP or a subnet, if your system runs out of one type of cells, but still has access to the other, it may put them in the wrong places, which could also cause problems.

    First of all, if your reactor has efficiency > 3.33 - then this is not a problem, as it produces more EU than it is required to generate uranium ore out of the matter.
    Second, that's your job to automate production of fuel cells. To prevent filling reactor with 4 quads, use toggle bus and level emitters: If level of certain cells drops below limit, just turn off the cable that goes to reactor. And maybe light up a red lamp in control room.

    For example, my closed/dedicated reactor supply line system consists of:
    Mass fabcricator (constantly fed with scrap). 2 replicators - one for iron ore, one for uranium ore. 6 auto-workbench for crafting fuel, mox fuel, plutonium, dual uranium, quad uranium, dual mox. Macerator > Washer > Thermal Centrifuge. Metal former for iron plates > for cells crafting and fuel rods. Metal former for fuel rods. Canning machine. 2 uranium reactors, 4 mox reactors. Always keeps in stock 40 mox cells, 120 uranium cells of both types. Runs replicators when out of stock of anything.
    Works like a swiss clock.

    You can easily automate reactors with different rod size if you use AE. Just load up the reactor, start it up, wait for 5-10 minutes, and then change 2-cell rods for a fresh ones. That way 4-cell rods will expire faster, get replaced by AE import/export buses, and then, 5 minutes later, 2-cell rods will expire and get replaced too.

    Guys, maybe I'm re-inventing a bicycle here, but…

    I was looking for information on different reactor comparison, to easily choose "best one", but couldn't find any, so I made one myself.
    And then though why not share it - if it was useful for me, it might be useful for someone else.

    Reactor design & cost comparison

    Note: not all resources are listed in reactor/component prices, only significant ones.