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    Alright, I've spent the past hour trying to figure out how to pull the crash log just to find out the current cmd line does not work with 1.0.0. So no crash log unless someone knows the new cmd line.

    a few of us were working on the spawn dome for the IR reset earlier. first we noticed a problem with cable colors. if you destroy a cable that has been painted then replace it, the cables reverts back to the painted state. this also happens when using a different type of cable. we also tried placing a stone block in the place of the cable with no luck.

    from what i can guess is the block space is not being entirely cleared when the cable is removed.

    next we had a fetal crash after destroying an MFE and placing an MFSU in the same spot. It did not crash the server but crashed all clients trying to load that chunk. We ended up editing the block out to be able to connect again. I had the same problem again a few mins later with destroying an MFE and replacing it. in all these situations, they were connected to solars during the day.

    I've tried to replicate this in SSP with no luck.

    My turn :)

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