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    Whoa, I clicked on bells, and saw this link in the page:

    Stannite ore, smeltable into advanced metal alloy ingots? :P

    What is the easiest way to farm enderpearls? Once you have large amounts of infrastructure, it seems like it's easier to get diamonds or even iridium plates than trying to hunt down endermen one by one. Has anyone thought of a fast way to do it with IC2 mod items?


    I typically plant them with a 3 space gap between trees

    I don't plant with fewer than 4 spaces. 3 is way too close, and makes the
    leaves run into each other, decreasing the amount of saplings you get
    when you chop them down.

    I suspect what you are feeling is something that's felt by almost every business owner when they decide to create a public corporation. Like going public, going open-source means a loss of control, it becomes the public's (or stockholders in the case of a corporation) property. That's scary, but it also allows the project to grow far beyond the capability of any single person.

    Not really. Public companies become at the whim of short-sighted investors, while open source is open to development from whoever can code. You can still run a large company privately if you delegate properly. With a mod, you can't, because there's not millions of dollars floating around to keep people motivated to run the whole thing. Open source opens the floodgates for people volunteering in their spare time, and prevents the situation like the conflict with the dude who tried to fix the mod.

    In the end, if Mojang lets us mod and patch their game in whatever way we want, what right does Alblaka have to prevent us from doing the same to his mod, as long as we only distribute the patch and don't claim his work as our own?

    Oh wow. Just wow. I had to log in just to respond to the video, because my feelings are the exact opposite of the OPs.

    You know, I'm grateful that Industrial Craft keeps getting updated for new Minecraft versions. And 20 days is not a long time, try a half a year.

    Half a year? Yes, look at how long Eloraam hasn't updated Redpower2 or said a word.

    And you're whining about IC2's update cycle. Sheesh.

    P.S. Is it that hard to join the development team and fix a bug if you care so much?

    Buildcraft -> Quarry -> Cobble and dirt -> You won Minecraft

    I can't tell you the best way without Buildcraft because i wouldn't play MC without BC and IC... Though Scaffolding sounds pretty interesting since it's easy to build an automated tree farm if you find yourself a wolf.

    Don't ask me why you need a wolf though, figure it out ;)

    You must be pulling my leg, builder+quarry seems like it would do the trick and there doesn't seem to be a need for a wolf.

    Your observations are valid, but the correct kit is an MFSU, 3-6 lapotronic crystals, the transformers and enough glass fiber cable to service things. If you insist on using HV cable to supply things

    I thought that transferring power over long distances *was* the only intended use for 2048-EU-voltage cables and transformers. As for whether MFSUs were intended to be portable, I guess that depends on whether they have a chance of getting destroyed by a wrench (as stated by Alblaka, that was the reason for the chance).

    then you're still going to need some kind of buffering (a batbox per mining rig will suffice), but you'll need to use a redstone clock to gate the step-up transformer back at base with a pulsing waveform. It will have to be on for only the portion of the cycle that correlates to the needed portion of a single packet. I've noticed that the fully upgraded miner and pump tends to draw about 24 eU/t while running well (less with the pump). That translates in to ~ 20.48/2048 per tick, or 1/10th duty cycle per mining rig. If you run two rigs at once a standard 5-clock with a pulse former will work. (I'd use redpower2 now, but it's doable).

    It should also be noted that each redstone tick is 0.1 seconds, where each IC2 power tick is 0.05 seconds (real time).

    I wanted to have a general-purpose power plant, so I'd need a separate redstone timing system for every single thing that receives power, heh. Neat idea though, thanks!

    I'll examine what's possible with just vanilla IC2, aside from nuclear, which I don't know enough about.

    Each lava cell is 20k energy, and each reactor can hold 12 lava cells or buckets worth of energy directly, plus a stack of lava cells in reserve. This comes out to over 1.5 million total energy. With 14 full geothermal generators, you'd have over 20 million power generating over time, and no need for piping lava. Just right click on the lava pool to fill up your lava cells, and wear some quantum chest armor to be safe.

    Theoretically, you could also use water mills, if you bring ice (compressed snowballs) into the nether, place them, then break them. However, you'd need hundreds of them to get 50 EU/t, so that seems impractical for you.

    I'd stay away from windmills, since they seem vulnerable to ghasts unless you build enormous walls around them.

    Maybe a mix of geothermal and water would work, though?

    I can confirm that there's some kind of issue. I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I'm just wiring things wrong, but my energy is disappearing somewhere.

    I have a power plant that stores its energy in an MFSU and upvolts it to EV, then has a bunch of fully-insulated iron cables going out the sides and supplying everything in my base. It's also hooked up to a miner, which is no more than a hundred blocks away. According to the EU-meter, the miner only takes ~25 EU per tick, and one induction furnace takes 1. With 5% or so power loss, that should be no more 28 EU per tick. However, even though my solar panels produce 32 EU per tick, the total energy in my MFSU decreases while the miner and nothing else runs.

    Lugging crystals back and forth is annoying, and generators don't produce enough energy to run a miner at full speed unless you have a lot of them (3 geothermal, 5 regular, or an insane amount of solars), so I'd rather use cables even if it's inefficient. But I wish I knew why my energy was just disappearing.

    What's everyone's favorite source of scrap for the recycler, assuming no mods or addons other than IC2? I like finding easy ways to get more scrap, since I usually have enough energy to run my mass fabricator but rarely enough scrap. Personally, I prefer recycling scaffolding, since you get more than 14 stacks of it from a stack of logs. Oh yeah, and it's funny how you can recycle scaffolding but not sticks.