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    Well this was back in 1.6.4, but basically I went and grabbed a version of the API from the latest 1.4.7 IC2 build. Nuclear Control generally used most of the API functions from the old 1.4.7 IC2 [albeit a few renames because of API changes]. Some other mods are a lot harder to backport considering they use API functions which did not exist back in the 1.4.7 version.

    At the moment I'm attempting to edit Nuclear Control 2 [the re-code by xbony2] to add support for IC2 Classic. This may or may not be released publicly. It mostly depends on the Nuclear Control 2 license.

    The main difference of my approach to this is that I used a 1.6.4 version of Nuclear Control for this addon instead of a 1.4.7 version. This worked very smoothly surprisingly.

    I wasn't able to test this in my development environment due to there being no deobfuscated version of IC2 Classic, but I may make a deobfuscated version for usage [probably privately].

    But coding for IC2 Classic addons is pretty much like coding for a IC2 1.4.7 addon. Hope this helped somebody!

    Edit: In a bit I can provide a download for the API.

    We are still working on 2.0.0a version. Done only the first point - Port to 1.7. That's why we don't use 2.0 in mod version. In 2.0 we will have new recipes, textures, sounds etc.

    Hello, I'm a pretty good modder using Forge and Java. I could possibly help you with the port to 1.7 and implementing new features. Some examples of my work are:, I can do things ranging from using Events, implementing Custom Trees, custom dirts and grasses, projectiles, modelling, and more. If I could possibly help you guys out just send me a PM on the IC Forums. Thanks! -momnop