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    you mean the being able to wash it two times? yeah that is totally flawed XD

    one has to somehow be able to convert the dirty things into clean things, so I chose just washing.

    And also the fact that it makes sense that washing regular ore to get purified ore, but it doesn't make sense that washing purified dusts yields regular dust.

    Bug/flawless logic report:
    Crushed ore can be thrown into a cauldron to get purified ore.
    Purified ore can not be thrown into a cauldron to get crushed ore.

    Purified ore can be converted into purified dust.

    Purified dust can be thrown into a cauldron to get regular dust.

    Regular dust can not be thrown into a cauldron to get purified dust.
    I do not know why, but I feel like that doesn't quite make sense.

    Hello! Gregtech is still in beta. I may be wrong, but I believe that this is the reason why magnetic steel long rods are uncraftable. They will probably get a recipe in the future. Sorry if I am wrong.

    Wait when did I fix that one?

    [FIXED] A shitload of Issues regarding Hit, Collision and Selection Boxes. MOJANG Y U NO FIX YOUR CHEST AND ANVIL COLLISION BOXES!?! I KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE!!!
    [FIXED] Lang File not generating properly, because of the pure existence of Books inside the Localisation.
    [FIXED] GT Books not being "Rightclick into Air" Openable.
    [FIXED] Another tiny Sync Problem on the PrefixBlocks.
    [FIXED] GT Dungeon Loot not being added at all.
    [FIXED] Engines not connecting to RF Conduits, due to not implementing the RF Interfaces. Added a Default Implementation in TileEntityBase1 in order to not have to worry about that anymore in the future.
    [DISABLED] NEI for my Recipe System, since there is no Machine using it.
    [CHANGED] The 3 Crushed Ore Items are now worth 11/9 of a Material Unit per default.
    [CHANGED] MOST METALS DO NOT SMELT ANYMORE IN ANY FURNACE!!! This is because I finished the Smelting System and the Molds.
    [ADDED] 0.25 large Nugget to have somethign that is worth 1/4th of a Unit and considered an Ingot Type of thing.
    [ADDED] Small Graphite Ores to the Worldgen, which are as rare as Diamond.
    A Functionality to my Metal Chests which enables them to generate Dungeon Loot inside once they are opened/broken the very first time.
    That way they generate the Loot in an always up to Date state (too bad the World doesn't generate them :P).
    Also added Debug Versions of those Chests to test Dungeon Loot without running around everywhere.
    Those Debug Chests require Debug 1 to be enabled for being visible in Creative/NEI.
    Material Dictionaries in Book Form.
    They can be crafted in survival by putting 4 Units of a Material around a writable Book, or you just grab them from creative, or collect them from Dungeons.
    They randomly spawn in Blacksmith Chests, Stronghold Libraries, Stronghold Corridors, Mineshafts and regular Dungeons.
    Bonus Chests can randomly spawn a very select few of those Books (with Information about starting Materials), as well as the Book of Alloys.
    If a Material Dictionary (or the Book of Alloys) goes over 50 Pages it gets a larger Book Icon and it also recycles into twice as much Paper and Aspects.
    Those Books do not update their Content when I change or add things, because they are Books for crying out loud.
    That is why there is a Timestamp on the Book itself with the Date and Time of the last Serverstart/reboot before its creation.
    Due to them being automatically generated I disabled Localisation for them, because it would not work properly.
    The highly anticipated Molds.
    In order to fill a Mold, place it horizontally "adjacent" to a Smelting Crucible and rightclick the Side of the top of the Mold at which the Crucible of your choice is next to.
    If you want to automatically empty it Hoppers and alike have to wait until the Temperature is up to 50 Degrees higher than the Environmental Temperature. If you do it manually you will get damaged.
    They can produce pretty much every Metal thing, as long as it has a simple shape. Sometimes a File is required to sharpen the Edges and things. If your Mold is a failure it will instead produce Nuggets, the amount of Nuggets depends on how many squares you chiseled out, any amount between 1 and 24 is possible (the all 25 variant is the Plate Recipe).


    Gregtech5, Gregtech6 are going nowhere.
    I give-up.

    You are not grammar very well. (Sorry, that was kinda mean. But I have something serious to say to you though. Gregtech 6 is going somewhere. There was even an update today, I believe. Gregtech 6 is going somewhere. Gregtech is going to be the best mod ever. Just be patient. Please do not leave. You will likely regret it.)

    Also, I have a bug to report. A saw is required to craft wooden slabs. All wooden slabs except for oak. Oak slabs can be crafted using the vanilla recipe.

    So if you want, you could turn on the generation of ores like iron or electrum in the config, or map makers could use them in their maps!
    And also, gregtech should make electrum ores or similar generate in the world;
    Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, with trace amounts of copper and other metals. It has also been produced artificially, and is often known as green gold. The ancient Greeks called it 'gold' or 'white gold', as opposed to 'refined gold'. Its colour ranges from pale to bright yellow, depending on the proportions of gold and silver.

    Me looking through NEI:"Impure pile of copper dust
    Throw into cauldron to clean this item"
    Okay, makes sense. It even has a brown tint to it to represent the impurities.
    "Pile of copper dust"
    Also makes sense. No longer has that brown tint, and seems to be 100% copper.
    "Purified pile of copper dust
    Throw into cauldron to clean this item"

    Wait, what? Purified pile of copper, the name makes it sound like it would be the purest of them all, yet it has the tooltip "Throw into cauldron to clean this item". That doesn't make any sense. It also has a light blue tint, probably representing how it is 100% pure, and shiny, and maybe smells good, and stuff like that. That makes slightly more sense. And if regular piles of copper dust are 100% copper, how can there be something even purer? Or are regular copper piles not 100% pure, but still purer than impure piles? By just looking at it you would think that regular piles of copper dust would be 100% copper. And why can you, even, throw purified piles into cauldron, and get regular dust?

    I'm confused.

    You should disable all ore generation of other mods (but not ICs rubber trees). All gregtech generation should be enabled (small and normal ores).
    Different ores generate at different layers, the biome doesn´t matter.

    Thanks! That's exactly what I did, turned of Ic2 world gen (except for rubber trees), and forestry world gen (except for beehives and the forestry houses that generate in villages). I must simply have some bad luck in my mine, I have found almost no ores...

    Gregtech must be one of the coolest mods I've ever used. Just two questions though; 1. I have disabled Ic2 copper, tin, and uranium, and forestry copper, tin, and apatite, as all of the named have gregtech equivalents, both small and regular ores. Are you supposed to turn of these and just use gregtech ores, or are you supposed to let all these generate at ones? 2. I have noticed that different biomes tend to generate different ores, which is really awesome. I am playing in a large biomes world, with a mine in a forest biome. I have gotten quite few ores, and the only ores I have gotten so far are small lead ore, small galena ore (which also can be turned into lead), and small banded iron ore (which does not much of a use, but can be turned into regular iron if you smelt it together with a bunch of other stuff that I do not have). Am I supposed to mine at a particular height to get particular minerals? I know it is so in vanilla. Sorry for asking so stupid questions, I will probably get banned.

    What exactly do you love about this API Change? Sure, it makes it possible for my new Light Sensors to scan through the Nether Portal, so you can measure the light Level there, but what is so lovely about that?

    I have no Idea if it will be. I could check that now, but lunch is notifying me about being ready.

    Let both generate. Its not bad to have Chisel Marble, Railcraft Marble (Quarried Stone), GT Marble, UB Marble and PFAA marble generating all at once lol.

    Wow, thanks for replying! So, okay, I'll let both generate! So that's 2 types of marble, (GT and Chisel), 3 if you include quarried stone from railcraft, and 4 if you include lapis lazuli, which technically is marble.

    So I checked the changelog, and saw that marble was gonna be added. Awesome! Just a couple questions though:
    1. Will the marble be chisel compatible? (the mod Chisel 2)
    2. Do you think that I should turn off Chisel 2 marble in the config, turn off Gregtech marble in the config, or let both of them generate in the world?