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    @Sasha: Try the recommended rather than latest versions of ChickenBones' mods- that appears to be an issue from the unstable NEI version you're on. Be sure to get the accompanying version of CodeChickenCore to go with it.

    So, what are we suppose to do about gregtech's transformer ?
    Explode every time :(... Grrr Michael Bay

    It seems that you can use the next tier up, (HV for IC2MV, for example) and the transformer seems to survive as long as the power source providing EU to the GT Transformer is an IC2 transformer of the tier below. I hope this isn't necessary in the future, because it makes technological advancement to the next tier require another tech mod to be even considerable as a possibility (Or maybe just a very long steam-age?).

    @Vulpes: Agreed- I am also looking forward to 1.7.10- My new server's tech-tree ran out for my players within the first 6 hours of gameplay, and I have no use for all these extra rooms in my base with no machines to put into them.
    On a more general note, I'm glad to see that Greg has moved this mod toward a drastically more configurable state since the project's beginning, I very much appreciate it.