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    basically to smelt :Iron Dust: i use magnetites and darkashes
    but to get darkashes i need to burn the :Coal Dust:

    is there easier way to get :Iron Dust:

    and jezz i coundn't find the :Tin Ingot: and :Copper Ingot: vain damn.. i need them so badly

    The easiest way to get early iron is from dungeon loots, iron equipment, minecarts.

    If you don't have any surplus darkashes you can use carbon, eg. from graphite. I believe you have to get it to 2kK first to decompose it to carbon. I recommend to throw a large batch of graphite, wait for 2kK and then start throwing magnetite in, otherwise you would only have 11degree window before it changes to wrought iron.

    That function is nothing but this:

    1. public void onNeighborChange(IBlockAccess aWorld, int aX, int aY, int aZ, int aTileX, int aTileY, int aTileZ) {
    2. TileEntity tTileEntity = aWorld.getTileEntity(aX, aY, aZ);
    3. if(tTileEntity != null) {
    4. tTileEntity.getDescriptionPacket();
    5. }
    6. }

    What is even there that could cause that? Are you sure it is nothing else that has caused that?

    It guess onNeighbourChange isn't supposed to be called recursively that deep and it run out of stack right as it hit new chunk. Maybe it has something to do with the change to only send packets of visible GT ores Greg was talking about. Thats the only recent change I heard about that would need to getDesriptionPacket onNeighbourChange but I don't know if he already did that. That's just my wild guess and i'm most times unlucky guessing.

    You don't need a lot of energy to run forestry farms, they don't need constant energy supply. To power it with electrical engine 8 GT solar panels should be enough, to supply it with water you don't need pump, use drain. To smelt charcoal i'd suggest coke ovens.
    If for some reson you can't craft forestry electrical engines or GT solar covers you can use timer to reduce input of engines you use.
    To get inspired - UNG_GOD has some videos of Kirara bases on his YT channel.

    And where i can find tin ore or cassiterite ore for bronze? What is biom or height?

    If you look into config/GregTech/WorldGeneration you can find these lines:

    1. cassiterite {
    2. I:Density_5=5
    3. I:MaxHeight_120=120
    4. I:MinHeight_80=80
    5. ...

    It's the tin/cassiterite vein default configuration and as you can see its biome independant and can be found between y80-y120.

    I'd give MFR and COFH things away, they kinda break GT progression. As a storage mod AE2 with extra cells is sufficient. Mods that add a lot of materials are slowing startup with GT the most, If you have something like that in there and you can go without it, do it. Or you can just try to run it without mods you don't find that important.

    That doesn't look intended indeed but if you are resourceful enough to build and run LSB then i wonder you haven't build any electricacl machines yet. Or it's just me always rushing effieciency...

    I know about portable cell. Buts is small , gregtechs has just toons of ores in one mine. I'm having full double chest of copper , and that isnt end of mine. And not evryone plays with AE2

    I'm playing 1.7.10 , soo lets hope what it would work.

    Then I'd suggest using rail networks as I do. With ore deposits this big it's worth some rails and i'm not even counting it looks awesome.

    I'm having only one late game mining idea... using AE2 stuff as portable chest , but that is soo stupid.

    Have you heard about our lord and saviour Portable Cell ? I think that's what SpwnX meant with your bag needs.

    And about AE2, does it directly supporting gregtech? Or do i need GregTech > IC2 transformer?

    GT e-net > AE2 Energy Acceptor works in 1.7.2.

    On the bottom I have 2 MV energy hatches, a maintenance hatch, 2 input buses, an output bus, the blast furnace controller block(in the middle of the bottom as the instructions say), and a heat resistant machine casing. The middle two layers are cupronickel coils(hollow). The top is 8 heat resistant machine casing with a muffler at the top.

    Nope, I double and triple checked to make sure it is not obstructed.

    Just to make sure I've got it all:
    - it takes from input hatch but doesn't output
    - muffler at the top means its the centre of those 8 casings and is heading up

    - look at what the scanner says during the process
    - you don't need 2 input buses, try it with 1 (i've never tried 2 input buses, only hatches)
    - make really sure you have sufficent power supply, not just the source but check the e-net that it isn't bottlenecked somwhere

    I have a problem with the Electric Blast Furnace. I am attempting to make steel with it and it seems to work, but it never outputs its product. Yes the multiblock structure is built correctly. I am feeding it 128 EU/t(I have also tried 256 with the same results). I have tried using buses and hatches, again with no change. I have even cheated in a debug scanner to make sure everything is built correctly and it is getting enough power. I'm probably missing something incredibly simple, but I just don't know what it is. :/

    Also, I am using the 1.7.10 version of Gregtech.

    Obstructed muffler hatch ?

    Completely unrelated to all other recent discussions:

    I've had this weird bug with Minecraft lately wherein when I hit Quit, it doesn't actually close. The window closes, but the process continues running, so 1) I can't start it again from the launcher, and 2) it's still burning ~2GB RAM. In order to actually close Minecraft, I have to go into Task Manager and manually kill the process. This was not an issue until about a month or two ago.
    -Only happens on 1.7.2
    -May have been related to the last time I updated Forge [cannot confirm]

    Any ideas?

    I've had this issue recently but after few minutes minecraft eventually stopped. So I was killing it with task manager later on. I've noticed strange behaviour about minecraft RAM usage, I'm running minecraft with -Xms2G -Xmx2G but the process acording to task manager was using more than 5G and according to game only ~1G and that was wierd. When I tried to close the game when RAM was full due to this only then it took that long time to shut down. I'm suspecting JVM process started swapping and when the game is being closed it needs to swap it back in order to free it which takes time, that howewer doesn't explains why it eats so much memory in the first place. I was trying to find out if its a mod memory leaking and I've noticed that with shaders turned on the process tends to eat more and more but without them it's ok so i've updated them but it didn't help. The issue however dissappeard after few days. I still don't know what was causing it but I hope I've provideded some useful info.

    If these sentences don't give any sense I'm sorry, I didn't study english that much yet :)

    it is active waiting BUT, and here comes the difference to the Hopper, it does that all 20 ticks instead of every tick and normally it finds at least 1 target, what is depending on your Pipe System, already something stopping the search if you use the normal Brass Pipes. It is much better to have 1 filled Pipe than having like 10 Hoppers doing the same Job, since the Pipe does everything once, while the Hopper does everything 5 times.

    Well, that souds like i should throw all my hoppers into my old blast furnace and fire it up for the God of lag.

    Just a question about GT item pipes : I heard in UNG's sneaky peek that they'd keep items in their inventory while scanning each possible input. If I'm using pipes to go from a chest to a raw of machines, which will always be full, won't it create lags ? Items kept in the first pipe while scanning each machine endlessly may cause lag doesn't it ?

    In case it's implemented like active waiting then yes it will cause lags but i bet my 16k Diesel buckets Greg didn't implement it that way.

    I don't know if it is a bug or not, but after adding GregTech no iron or coal is generated in new worlds.
    I have made a fresh install with following steps:

    1. Install Minecraft 1.7.2 -> Ores generating normally.
    2. Install forge ( -> Ores generating normally
    3. added CodeChickenCore (, NEI ( and IC2 (2.1.484-experimental), mod_XrayV2.01-> Ores generating normally
    4. added gregtech -> many copper and tin but no iron or coal

    I'm don't know what method do you use to detect ores in your world I can only guess that you're using xray mod you've mentioned.

    Here are some facts:
    - GT ores are tile entities, I'm not sure your xray mod detects them
    - copper and tin you see are generated by IC2 and are allowed in IC2 config by default
    - iron and coal are vanilla ores and these are disabled in GT config by default

    I suggest you should use a better method to confirm your observation. MCEDIT will do.