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    Heres a problem that I was mainly looking for a resolution to when downloading this mod.. BC waterproof pipes not connecting to Geothermal generators.

    But since this mod doesn't modify the geothermal generators how could you ever hope that this mod would solve your problems?

    And btw, an IC² miner+pump+OV scanner will harvest lava in a 9x9 cube until lava is gone and has the capability to feed that lava into lava cells. If that lava pool is say 5 tiles deep then that's 405 lava cells.
    Now let's assume you are (at the moment) running 10 geothermal generators... That's 11+ hours worth of non stop generator power! At a combined output rate of 100 EU/t.
    If you have another configuration then you do the math, either way. Finding a 9x9x5 cube of lava is easy, just go to the nether! Or just find one of the THOUSANDS of large lava pools at layers 5 to 16. You only have to do this once every 11 hours if you are indeed using power at a rate of 100 EU/t. (Mind you, 100 EU/t is enough to keep ~50 machines operational at any given time... For 11 hours, or 12 quarries running... for 11 hours.)

    And as if that wasn't enough... There is another mod out there (possibly on the BC forums) that allow you to make lava buckets from liquids in BC. Just set up a crafting chain to make lava cells and you can use your precious BC pump to pump lava. Though if i recall they lose you the bucket in the process...

    AAAAAAND, as if that wasn't enough... (GHEE, do your research)
    You can use combustion engines with lava though (unlike geothermal generators) they require coolant. And they unfortunately only produce at a rate of 2 EU/t

    Whatever method you chose (i prefer the miner+pump+OV scanner) you now have all the information you need to not assume that just because a mod makes it possible to convert IC2 energy to BC energy and back it also somehow magically allows you to use liquid pipes with generators.


    Yes i know i sound harsh but it is for the best as it also allowed me to post something constructive in the process. Otherwise i wouldn't have posted at all.

    Buildcraft -> Quarry -> Cobble and dirt -> You won Minecraft

    I can't tell you the best way without Buildcraft because i wouldn't play MC without BC and IC... Though Scaffolding sounds pretty interesting since it's easy to build an automated tree farm if you find yourself a wolf.

    Don't ask me why you need a wolf though, figure it out ;)

    Read bottom of post for the fix...


    So i set up a little power plant using 16 generators (running on charcoal) which are divided into groups of 4.
    Each group goes into 4 bat boxes each for a total of 16 bat boxes.
    The 4 lines of bat boxes are sent into 2 low voltage transformers which then shares a gold cable going off to 4 other low voltage transformers not hooked up to anything at the moment.

    So in summary, 16 generators, 4 generators -> 1 bat box -> another bat box (4 total per 4 generators -> 2 low voltage transformers transforming to MV (one per 8 bat boxes) -> gold cables going to 4 low voltage transformers (transforming to LV) -> Nothing (at the moment)

    So i fired up my 16 generators and walked out of my power plant and then the stuttering began.
    Restarted MC and again the stuttering comes back after walking in and out of the power plant.
    Once again a restart and i realize that it's the moment the sounds stop playing from the generators that the stuttering begins.

    Attached are performance graph screenshots.

    Mods in use:

    Modloader 1.8.1
    ModLoaderMP 1.8.1
    Forge 1.1.2
    Optifine 1.8.1 HD_S_D2
    IC² 1.23
    BuildCraft 2.2.5
    RocketScience 6.5
    Buildcraft->IC2 crossover v0.75
    ZAdvMachines (1.23 fix)
    SPP Commands


    My whole computer is lagging now while having MC running in the BG while typing this post... Going for a restart of PC after posting.

    EDIT: Still happens after clean boot. (Just had to be sure it wasn't some hardware hangup or something)

    Question: That audio mod that is optional for IC 1.0 etc, is that going to help? Gonna test that now while i wait for a response.

    EDIT #2:

    [SOLVED] Updated LJWGL to a later version and the stuttering is gone.
    Also have risugamis audiomod installed but that didn't solve the issue on it's own. Keeping it now because i just wanna play.
    Let's hope the issue is solved permanently!