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    I was using ProjectRed's interface/piping system. It takes a bit of creativity to interact with the new reactors/components with the system. For eg. one of the extraction set ups on one end has to extract all coolant cells but the other end will not accept coolant cells that are above 25% health. Also the design only uses 50% of the capacity of the coolant cells to ensure that the coolant towers constantly output the same heat. If they don't regular steam will mix with the superheated steam. One problem I'm facing right now is that every-time I log out the steam generators lose their heat.

    Hi guys,

    This is my attempt at a cooling system for a CRCS reactor (using project red).

    So far this produces 600 EU/tick because the cooling towers are the bottleneck right now. I have a system that I think works it involves a bunch of fluid regulators and distributors to pass the steam down to the generators. A few things that need to be kept in mind is that the steam gen, produce a bit of water and steam before producing superheated steam that clogs up your system. Also it appears that each condenser can only handle 300 mb/tick steam off the turbine.