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    Maybe a screenshot of your wiring setup could help us clarify the problem?

    I also thought about that, so here it is:

    Screenshot 1: there is the HV transformer that feeds diverted line (HV ones, but mostly MV machines via MV one), on the left there is that EV 16 amps battery buffer. Cable is going straight with no machines on it or forks.
    Screenshot 2: beginning of the problematic part, chunk boundaries are visible, because it is related: cable starts disappearing at that point. My plant (ore processing) is on the background.
    Screenshot 3: GT EV and IC2 HV transformers, that's new on that line, it was set up for the Railcraft locomotives.
    Screenshot 4 is just another perspective. Not much here.
    Screenshot 5: beginning of my plant, chunk boundary is visible, cable survives after that point.
    Screenshot 6: my machines. View point towards the cable. All of them are for EV. From left to right: large buffer + packager + large buffer, then there is electric furnace in front of it, next is two centrifuges, far right is thermal centrifuge, pulvelizer and ore washer. Cable is connected to them from below, nothing loopy or messy there, so not shown. No transformers or anything, just straight connection.
    Screenshot 7: just another perspective, from the plant towards the house. Almost all parts of the problematic segment is on that screenshot, from one boundary to another. Disappearance occurs here. Exactly in that chunk.

    Something like that. Nothing complex.

    Are there any EV->HV Transformers on that Line, which could be connected to the platinum Cable on two sides? Because it is not the >16x8192 melting the Line, it is just the amperage without any voltage check (even 1V 17A would burn your Platinum Wire)

    Yes, there is one now (installed two days ago to feed RC electric rails), but it is 8192->2048 one and it is not on the end or the beginning of the problematic line part (more like in a middle), and those meltdowns occurred exactly the same way in the past, when there were no any transformers or machines. And why it is always in the same chunk?.. I can remove that transformer but I'm sure it will happen again.

    Hi. It's me and my platinum cable issue again.
    Updated to GT 5.05.06 today, my problematic cable line part is still evaporating from time to time. I don't understand... Exactly in one chunk, 16 of them. From 0 to 15 on X axis. Maybe there is some kind of numerology involved, or is just any cable meltdown limited to a chunk boundary?.. I have no clue.
    Again: 16 amps EV battery buffer (full of batteries), 8x platinum cable (16 amps, 8192 voltage). No multiple inputs or anything like that. Cables on X 0-15 are melting, and that's almost a middle of the line. No damage to the battery buffer or the machines. Chunks were loaded all the time (by my presence). Y 75, Z 25, if it is somehow useful. That happened like 6 or 7 times already.

    Found something interesting about my issue with melted platinum cables... They just melted (again), and exactly 16 of them, in one chunk, which is not loaded. Chunk with the battery buffer is constantly loaded, but that chunk was not. Our server is one version behind atm, so I'm not sure if it is fixed or not. Will update later...

    You probably connected something that outputted energy into those cables... (there still are some machines that do that).

    I made no changes in my machinery during past few IRL days, so I don't know. But I've noticed lag message in server log with coordinates of my battery buffer (200 ms lag reported). That's why I'm asking about amperage. I've heard about machines using another amp during machine's buffer charging, so I might just be unlucky: wrong amps at wrong time. Cable just got fried. I have lowering transformer right after first cable segment at the start of the problematic line, which sends 512 voltage on the diverted line to those recycler and distillery, but actual melted cables were somewhere in the middle of the rest of the 2048 line, which feeds my ore processing plant. So I bet cable near that transformer should have melted in the first place, if that transformer was somehow involved.

    Joke apart, you had a 16amp power suply behind 8amp cabling. So one ore more of these machines drained more than 8amp. You may locate the faultly one up to the last burned cable.

    The thing is: that 8x platinum cable is actually 16 amps, since 1x platinum is 2 amps, that's why I've used it. So I have no idea why is that happened.

    My 8x platinum cable (8192, 16 amps) partially burned out (approx. 20/56 of those).
    Machines on that cable:

    1x Universal Pulvelizer
    1x Advanced Ore Washing Plant III
    1x Advanced Thermal Centrifuge III
    2x Molecular SEPARATOR (that's fancy name of that centrifuge thingy) - were idle
    2x Super Buffer - one was probably idle the whole time
    1x Advanced Packager III
    1x Advanced Electric Furnace III

    1x Advanced Distillery II
    1x Advanced Recycler II
    via 2048->512 transformer.

    All machines were 2048 voltage (except for the additional two). Supplied by 16 amps 2048 battery buffer, 16 lapotron crystals installed.
    Where I did wrong? How many amps were those in total? All was fine previous days, I already processed two chests
    worth of random ores without accidents. No recent updates or anything.

    According to OreDict ItemSink module from Logistics Pipes, ore dictionary name of Brown and Yellow Limonite Dust is... "dye"?.. Yes, just "dye" for both. Is that intended?
    I don't know if items can have multiple ore dict names and this is LP's fault, but I guess I will use plain ItemSink module for those two for now.

    GT 5.04.02

    Guys, is there any decent way of auto combining small/tiny piles of dusts in GT5? Way of having one packager per dust type seems... intimidating. In GT4 I've used advanced regulator and electric crafting table (one pair per 9 dust types) to do this, but in GT5 I can't figure out how to do similar thing.

    I understand that my setup is, like, early testing and etc., but is there really no way to connect Logistics pipes HV energy supply upgrade to GT machines?.. Just asking, in case if I missed something. IC2 cables won't connect to GT machines, yes, I know that, so this is not a bug, as I suppose. GT5 testing version for 1.7.10, yes.

    Another thing... Can we have more uses for that stone dust? Like macerate it into 2x small pile of sand or something. There is a lot of that stone dust, and even with both usages of clay dust with it it's still somewhat useless. Thanks.

    Some1 : I'm guessing you recently upgraded your Blast Furnace to accept High Voltage? The energy loss you're experience is due to that. Stepping the voltage up doubles the processing speed but quadruples the power usage, meaning that using voltage of one tier higher reduces the efficiency by 50%. So your power loss is not coming from the batteries, but from the Blast Furnace itself.

    Omg, I didn't knew that. Yes, recent upgrade to HV, due to that HV battery buffer. That's fine then, I'll put MV energy hatch back and HV-to-MV transformer next to it.
    So it's relevant to EU/t in recipes then, I assume? Thanks anyway, I'll go change my energy setup right now.


    I'm using some sort of a simple setup of a few LV steam generators (fueled by 30 simple solar boilers) -> MV-transformer (32->128 ) -> HV battery buffer (16x slots) and 5x HV Lithium batteries in it -> electric blast furnace with HV energy hatch.
    All cables are relative short (battery buffer input is ~20 meters, output 2) with 1 Amp/EU/Meter (or whatever) loss. Annealed copper for MV and silver for HV.
    Got batteries fully charged (that's 8kk EU btw), wanted to smelt some stainless steel / kanthal dust (27 of them). Opened up my calculator, calculated, that with that amount of energy I can smelt up to 37 dust (216k EU per one smelting). Shove it into blast furnace, got distracted for a little, came back - smelted only 20 of it, battery buffer is at zero, blast furnace choked.
    I know about GT battery discharge loss, but that's approx. 40-50% loss. - here is some relatively good presentation (especially slides #6 and #7), that I've googled up, that shows some Li-ion discharge information. According to this, Lithium (if you actually meant Li-ion in your mod) discharge loss is still non-zero, but not like 50%.
    With situation like that, it's more useful to have IC2 energy crystals, than having HV lithium batteries, since useful charge for HV lithium is 800k-900k EU, while IC2 energy crystal holds 1kk EU. Previously I've used MV battery buffer (16x IC2 advanced RE-batteries) and all was fine. 7 stainless steel smelting operation from full battery charge, stable.
    It makes HV lithium batteries only useful in electric tools for me, since lithium is relatively hard to find (and you need tons of it), same as tetrahedrite, but rubies/redstone is relatively easy to find, and once you've found it - you've got rubies/redstone for ages.
    Fix it, please. Current discharge loss is not "sane" nor useful nor "realistic". At least for me.

    Btw english is not my native, sorry in advance.

    GT 5.03f, IC2exp 484, some other mods.