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    Hi all,
    I just made a bronze roll bender to make plates out of thaumium ingots but it hasn't been working for me. Neither wrought iron, zinc, nor thaumium ingots have established the "recipe underway" animation on the front. Instead, I only see the three wheels moving like there is no achievable recipe to work on; this tells me at least the proper energy type is supplied.

    At first I thought maybe there were too many RUs applied (1x dense bronze boiler funneled entirely to an invar turbine, also there was no audio feedback to suggest that it was overpowered) but even when I dropped it down to just over 16 RU still nothing.

    I didn't get too surgical in my quick examination last night, but I just wanted to check and see if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks

    Is there an automated way of changing 1/72 and tiny (1/9) dusts into standard dusts? I process ALOT of materials and doing this by hand would take longer than the time it takes to create the mini dusts in the first place. Currently, I'm using the autopackager and it is causing serious lag spikes every time it scans the adjacent chests.

    I know of the compactor mod from BDew, but it doesn't do the 3x3 hollow. There is the dust funnel, but that still seems to require user input. Any other suggestions?


    I made a post addressing one possible solution to this a couple days ago, but I can more explicitly explain a basic setup.

    Place an item barrel (or mass storage) and add to it the "final" size you want, such as a full dust, ingots, etc. Placing that item sets the "goal" for the barrel. Now the barrel will automatically accept units that can be factored into that registered size and stack them into units of that size whenever it is fed enough. Next connect a hopper to the barrel and add your smaller dusts.

    Obviously 1/9 dusts won't stack into ingots, and nuggets won't stack into full dust.

    Hrm... so compacting drawers can do that, but the block has different areas you can click to get nuggets/ingots/blocks out. What happens when Item barrels have a mix of ingots and nuggets? Are the nuggets just hidden from view until there are 9 and they auto assemble into another ingot?

    I don't see "compacting drawers" anywhere in NEI, are they in Gregtech 6?

    And yes. When you break a barrel obviously all of the dusts/whatevers are released, but also any material that could not yet complete the recipe for the dust/whatever are released as well, e.g. 1/72 piles of dust, nuggets, etc.

    Quoted from "putative"
    Hi Greg,

    I've been using brass item pipes and cheap item barrels to organize 1/9 and 1/72 dusts into full sized dusts (from shredding ores & magnetic separation of sluice juice) and it's been so convenient; however, I noticed that when I magnetically separate say, purified copper ore, the 1/9 refined cobalt ore and 1/9 refined nickel ore do not collect into 1/1 units in the same way.

    Is this intentional? Thanks
    Refined "whatever" Ore is NOT a Dust, so guess what.

    lol okay. I figured you'd say that. The only reason I even made a post was because when I checked the changelog for version 6.03.40 specifically included non-dusts like Ingots, Nuggets, Chunks and Ingot-Blocks.

    Hi Greg,

    I've been using brass item pipes and cheap item barrels to organize 1/9 and 1/72 dusts into full sized dusts (from shredding ores & magnetic separation of sluice juice) and it's been so convenient; however, I noticed that when I magnetically separate say, purified copper ore, the 1/9 refined cobalt ore and 1/9 refined nickel ore do not collect into 1/1 units in the same way.

    Is this intentional? Thanks

    I haven't checked this the last few updates, but wanted to ask about tin alloy. It takes a wrought iron and tin in the crucible to make. I can pour an ingot of it, but if I make it into plates, it just makes tin plate. Which if I combine 2 plates, I get a double tin alloy plate. If that is smelted back down, I end up with 2 tin ingots. I am essentially transmuting iron into tin.... Useful if you have issues finding tin, but ultimately a waste of iron... Is this broken, or as intended, or am I missing something?

    Also, I am probably being dense, but how do I get molten zinc into the bath so I can make galvanized steel?

    I noticed the tin alloy thing too, Greg said it'd be a pain to fix because it's in the Railcraft mod; also, it actually says "tin alloy" in the light gray text below the main name when you hover the cursor over it (I think you have to do the Shift+F3 thing?)

    For zinc, make a crucible drain and put a stainless steel bath underneath, then drain molten zinc into the bath. I think Bear989 found it was 1000 L drained per right-click.

    (Ab)using the "pressure" mechanic usually works for me: largest pipes at the boiler, medium transfer pipes, and smallest pipes possible directly at the turbine/engine. In this way sloshing at the site of steam consumption is minimized because the "pressure" mechanic prefers to accumulate in the smallest pipes it can.

    Said another way, a general forward motion of steam is encouraged if pipes always start from biggest at the boiler, go to medium, and end at smallest.

    I thought Mystcraft has already blacklisted the dim id 7, because of TF incompatbility.

    Testing revealed that Mystcraft doesn't blacklist DIM7 explicitly, instead it seems to detect existing dimensions and automatically increment new Ages to prevent incompatibility. In the case of my existing save, I added Twilight Forest after Mystcraft had already made DIM_MYST7.

    I know that Bear uses Twilight Forest, and that it is also updated, so that shouldn't be the Issue. But I will update Twilight Forest on my own Setup thanks to this notification, since I was on 2.3.2.

    Thanks Greg, long story short I found that (aside from tweaking some launch arguments) it was a digit confusion between a Mystcraft Age I had created (DIM_MYST7) and the default Twilight Forest dimension (DIM7)

    Even though the two dimensions had distinct names (aside from the "7"), I found by poring through the error log that despite their unique names, the actual digit itself was the most critical identifier regardless, and caused a conflict. I changed the TF config to default to N+1 of my Mystcraft Age count, and voila, success! So thanks :P

    I couldn't easily find a previous topic that discussed this recently, so I'll post about it and play the fool if needed

    There are some inconsistent lead chest textures for me (6.04.05). The expected purple color seems to appear/disappear depending on my character location and my cursor position. I only included a set of three screencaps for succinctness. Let me know if it's likely a mod conflict, I'll try to isolate it, thanks.

    Hi all,

    Is there a specific version of Twilight Forest I have to use to work with GregTech 6.04.05? I've marched down a few versions so far (2.3.7-2.3.4) and, while the Minecraft Launcher fully loads Minecraft, I am then unable to load, join, or create games with my previous collection of mods. I didn't want to start surgically analyzing mod compatibility before I asked this pretty straightforward question first though, especially since Twilight Forest seems like a mostly dead mod now.


    You actually can mix copper and tin dust by hand to get bronze dust and smelt that in a regular furnace. It wastes some of the copper and tin, but it works. You can grind the copper and tin into dust with a mortar and pestle ( smooth stone and flint ). It is also handy for making more flint by grinding up gravel, and a stone hammer can turn cobble into gravel.

    What I did was since there were plenty of small lead and copper ore deposits, I smelted the lead/copper into nuggets in a conventional oven, formed ingots, then used stone hammers to very inefficiently shape the ingots into plates. From there, I made my first file, which made my first chisel, which I then used to make a my first hardened clay crucible, plate mold, and burning box. Everything gelled from there.

    Thanks Greg and friends for all the info and tips, re: tin alloy

    Another small issue arose for me again tonight however: I'm upgrading my steam network and wanted to melt down my obsoleted bronze turbine to recover the alloy, but, when I toss it into the ceramic crucible, the turbine seems to vanish without rendering material inside the crucible. I also don't think its mass was being accounted for, given the temperature readings on the crucible. When everything cooled off I harvested the crucible with a pick and luckily got back the bronze turbine which apparently was there all along. Even though there are ~40 units of bronze present, I've smelted down similar amounts of ore recently with no issue, so I don't think I've exceeded the crucible's capacity (?)

    Not sure if I'm missing something, let me know what other info I can try and supply, thanks again

    Hi Greg,

    I'd been trying to make tin alloy for a few hours (admittedly while drinking sweet, sweet booze) but burned through about 3 ceramic crucibles and failed, only ever generating "tin plates"

    So I go back to NEI for the 50th time and think, "Hm, maybe I need to actually use actual tin dust for this recipe". So I grind one of the tin plates I had made only to have the mortar generate tin alloy dust -- so apparently the tin alloy plates display the name "Tin Plate" at the first line, but show "tin alloy" in the 4th line. If I hadn't activated the H+F3 feature I might have never known. Just FYI (also I'm still a little booze-o-lized so maybe I'm wrong? But I don't think so, it's been forever since I officially posted something here, and I usually check myself a few times before I post)