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    I studdedered alot it took me 12 redoes. I got one nearly perfect so i edited out some of it and came up with that. I have a quistion though. When i am showing the crafting recipes om the screen should i just explaim the itwm or block or just describr the crafting recipient

    Thank you for you suggestions. The reason why i cut and skip some of the scenes is because some of my mic pic ups my breath as im talling so i try and cut it or sometimes i lose my train of thought.. i will work on tryimg to make less cuts and keeping my camera steady and wont use signs. For the signs i put them up just incase someone wants to pause the video.
    Today i will upload a new video after i have writen down and gone throw what im goimg to be saying. I will also make a better set up and only use the signs to tell you what the item or block its.

    If you have any suggestions on the next video please tell me. The next video will be about tools and how to use them

    Hello you guys i am going into deep information on gregtech because when i needed help there wasnt anything to help me. here is my first video
    Basic Ores

    Basic Tools 1
    bronze age 1
    First try

    How do you know it's a mod conflict? 1.7 was an FPS hit in itself, and GregTech is an FPS hit in itself. All mods, except mods explicitly designed to increase your FPS, will lower your FPS. And the more mods you have, the more your FPS will drop.

    If you hit F3, how much memory is in use and how much is the maximum set? Because running low on memory kill

    when i take out gregtech thee fps is normal when i add it, it drops my fps


    ot works with 559 for me

    I am using build 559 if it dont work for you use build 556

    If it's you first startup it will take some time with 90 mods. Also it depens on your hw. I always try to use as least mods as possible by avoiding redundant content.

    heres a list of the mods i used