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    Try using version 556 of IC2. IC2 changed something about how it handled fluids and that's why.

    That would suggest the problem is in revisions 566, 568 (allows cells to be used like buckets), 572, or 573. Going back to 556 would completely invalidate everything I'm working on now, so I'll just have to wait until GT gets fixed, *again*. :whistling:

    This shouldn't have to be a guessing game. NEI plugins for 1.7.10 is nowhere in sight, and the lack of recipes either on the wiki or in NEI is making IC2x nearly impossible to use. Someone on the dev team should at least publish a list or diagram of all the recipes for all the machines so that others can do their respective parts.

    hint: industrialcraft-2-2.2.582-experimental.jar

    try reading what was said about IC2 versions if u wanna try and make gregtech work in 1.7.10

    Uh, I recall Greg said for his 1.7.2 version to use a build of IC2 experimental that was still compatible with that (I think it was 400 and something and four or five), but I assumed the 1.7.10 version worked with the latest IC2e. I presume the error is simply a problem with the current test edition. It would be helpful if Greg used Jenkins or something so builds could be verified as at least marginally functional before being posted, but que sera, sera. :|

    Regarding your test version, I get the following error:

    Full information is included in the attachments.