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    Why immibis is the only guy then wanna update old IC2?I don't see any good thing in IC2 EXP...
    SirusKing said than the NanoSaber it's a luminous stick.. and then he made a new cool texture,but only i see it's a pirate sword than nobody use.And new,you now need a bunch of iron for make a simple thing,and please don't talk to me about the recipe for the drills...this needs motors,for motors you needs a bunch of items,those items need cables,for cable you need a hammer(yes,a hammer for make cables,good one guys :D)this hammer give you a plate,with this plate you needs scissors.
    Old the work of Alblaka has been destroy by GregTech...sorry,i said IC2.But please,all we know than if IC2 EXP continues like will be a bad copy of Gregtech.