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    My vote goes to a server with the unofficial decompiled version of GT5 including the mods that we have on K1-K3. If that's going to be temporary I hope it won't be any time soon, since it's going to take many months to reach the fusion reactor age. Once I've built all the stuff there is to build, I'd probably go back to GT6 though. As for the other servers 100+ mods is a bit too much IMHO. I'd like to see opencomputers on one if sufficiently nerfed.

    Goddamn it everything is broken >.>

    Btw, what resource pack is that? Faithful?

    Edit: another question: is any of those panels between chunks? That's caused issues in the past. NEI has a special key to be able to determine chunks by clicking F7 or something I believe.

    Nope, it's all in the same chunk and yeah, it's Faithful. For some reason the problem went away when I logged in today though. Maybe because of a server restart? Really weird.


    Thanks for the last update but more problems:
    I have 2 panels and 3 cards.
    Panel 1:
    counter sensor card 1
    counter sensor card 2
    Panel 2:
    energy sensor card

    But panel2 displays EU/t from counter sensor card 2 while panel 1 is missing it, until i right click them. Then it displays correctly. It stays like that until i disconnect or go into the nether and back, then it's all wrong again. It's like the client gets the wrong info about the cards unless you right click them.

    You should update ExtraCells another version
    You should change the EC link...

    Don't mind anything written here, just me beeing stupid...

    Yeah or just remove the other link or put it first because I clicked on it and got 2.1.3.

    And yeah. I've been asking about the UB stone too, it would be great to have those in the forestry backpacks. + GT granite.


    Here's the crash report