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    in the latest build for 1.7.10 the tin plates are uncraftable. It is caused by a double entry in material component config for tin plates (after enabling the 'per item' setting), the first one being false and the second one being true. After deleting the false entry it works, another fix is by enabling the global setting for unused plates. Maybe a hotfix?

    EDIT: Actually it doesn't work after deleting the entry, tin plates come back to life ONLY after enabling the global setting for unused plates. After deleting the entry it comes back after loading the game.

    I actually have a google doc spreadsheet for the early game crucible runs... it doesn't seem to be 100% accurate, and there is one bug I'm aware of involving having the same item in the crucible twice, but it's usually about right. I could see my way to sharing it if people would be interested...

    I'm interested man! please share if you don't mind.

    thanks everybody, I finally get my chance tonight to play for a few hours, I'll try make some iron by following your advices.

    And yes, I was watching bear's video. I'm going to watch your tutorial for steel later, it's great that someone is doing those tutorials so thanks and keep it up!

    Also Greg, new GT is great, I actually came back to Minecraft just because of this mod.

    hello everyone, I'm back into gregtech after a few months of absence and I have some questions, as there is not much info anywhere how to properly do things in the new GT.

    Currently I'm trying to make my first iron. I watched some youtube tutorials but guys over there use clean magnetite dust to get their iron. I know you can handwash dusts and crushed ores, but obviously I can't make a cauldron yet. So the question is, what is the actual way to cast the iron? I found somewhere that pyrite smelts directly into few nuggets worth of iron with no extra additions required, but then again I probably need to get it cleaned before putting it into the crucible. Am I getting things right? I tried to smelt dirty crushed magnetite ore but I only got stone plate in the mold ^^

    Also, is hammering coal ore directly in the world the only way to get coal early in the game?

    If someone feels like it, I would aprreciate a quick tutorial how to make steel, since I have a feeling I would be coming back to the forums real soon and bug you with this noobish questions.

    Yes, I searched the thread a bit for some info, however I really dont have enough time to read those countless pages. I found the info about making rubber though ^^
    thanks in advance

    in 1.6.4 all you had to do, was place a sound file in .ogg format inside the sounds folder (within the mod file) and change one thing in the config. Make sure it is named like this:


    then go to the IC2 config file, and look for the line: allowed alarms

    add a comma, and type the alarm name there. Don't put the comma at the end.

    So, let's say I want the alarm called temperature:

    I add a file called alarm-temperature.ogg
    Then I go to config and make sure that the line allowed alarms looks like this:



    I found something interesting for people who use TE along with GT.
    I like to run various test, especially regarding cross mod compatibility, and I found this:

    If you macerate an ore with GT macerator, you get the Crushed Ore. If you macerate the ore with TE pulverizer, you directly get the clean dust (pulverized dust to be precise, which unifies shortly to GT pure dust). That's no news, however, if you do not take out the pulverized dusts from the TE pulverizer, exit the client and load it again, then after looking in the TE pulverizer GUI you will see that you have crushed ores instead of pulverized dusts.

    It doesn't look like this is anything wrong on GT side. I'm not reporting this as a bug so Greg, calm down.

    Wondering what causes this probably makes no sense to me, since my java knowledge comes down to being aware of try and catch statements' existance.

    Could somebody explain how to use robotic arms as covers? I placed one on the machine, but after some fiddling with the screwdriver I had no desired effect. I wanted to make the robotic arm put clay dust in one slot and stone dust in another slot in the Advanced Mixer, I manually set the slot number but it didn't work. Can somebody explain, or provide some info source? I can't find anything. Thanks

    Greg, or anyone experienced...

    I just started to see this everytime I press inventory button (which I have under TAB button) while point at GT, IC2 and other machines and stuff from various mods. It was not happening before. When I release the inventory button, it goes away, but as long as I hold it I can see all this 'debug' info.

    Can somebody help? I know this isn't exactly GT related by there is many experienced people here, that's why I ask.

    Sorry guys, found the culprit.
    It was Reika's dragon API. Today I've seen that is starts to support EU, so I directly installed to only find out that it is not yet implemented.

    Is there a way to make the EBF output a redstone signal when not active/has no work? I know there are the activity detectors, but I can't put it on the EBF controller. Putting it on the energy hatch results in nothing. Only if I set to 'Inverted' or 'Ready to work' it outputs a redstone signal, no matter if it runs or not. And I want the opposite/something else. I want the EBF to output a redstone signal when it stops for any reason. Is that possible already? Thanks

    I've created a setup like you say:

    - 1 MV battery buffer, 1 MV hatch, 10 lithium batteries inside the buffer.

    EBF is working constantly, already 32 ingots.

    Tried connected to a power source (10 MV diesel generators) and also disconnected. EBF working at all times.

    All you can do is to make one assembler for each fluid or handle it with cells, however never input too much

    For now I did similar thing, but directly with items and fluid extractor. When you extract 1 tin, it is enough for 2 circuits. I craft circuits in pairs almost everytime so that was not a big problem, until I just got tired of putting the tin into the extractor everytime I wanted a circuit, so I decided to extract more at once and do not worry about molten tin for some time. But now I need to glue something. I came here because I didn't want another assembler in my base, but I think I have no choice but to find place in my base for a small glue workstation. Thanks for help.

    I asked it few pages back, but didn't get an answer: does GT provide some ways of fluid routing/filtering?

    I don't know if Greg intended this, but one can't simply empty the internal fluid tank of the assembler. Only destroying and placing the machine would empty it. I tried pumping it out from all sides, tried plunger. That's bit inconvinient. I have about 40 ingots worth of molten tin inside the assembler, and now I must change for glue, so I am forced to loose that molten tin because I can't pump it out. At least it is not working in my game.
    version 5.06.00