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    What is the best design for my situation, I am looking to power the mass fabricator and need high output but want it as safe as possible. I currently have a steam reactor that outputs about 600 eu. Is there a better design for this? Should I chain a few reactors and just do Eu?

    What is the proper way to use the fluid regulator? I have the dark side connected to the LHE and it is powered, but it appears to be doing nothing. I have a problem where I either have too much hot coolant causing my reactor to heat up, or too few hot coolant causing my superheated steam to revert to regular steam. I have to constantly add and remove two copper heat exchangers to keep the balance. I thought the fluid regulator would help in this situation but like I said it doesn't seem to do anything, and I can't find any posts/wiki information about it.

    While I'm here, I have been using scars design from a few posts back - Reactor: and this is what it looks like - and

    Is there a more efficient way I could be doing this? I currently sit at 912 heat and about 650 EU generated with this setup, but like I said it takes manual work moving the heat exchangers.