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    thank you all :-)

    And right, with a liquid heat generator i have a surplus of biogas, and also right, slowly ;-)

    To the build itself: I had the Idea to make the energy production from bio without using other mods, only the ic2 blocks. So, Crop Harvester in a wheat farm down with following machines: Item buffer, macerator, fluid/solid canning machine with fluid distributor and pump, fermenter, two fluid distributors to fuel the two fluid heat generators, one for the fermenter, one for a stirling generator to power everything. It worked, now i have to try to make a cube out of these things ;-)

    physics lol
    please learn second law of thermodynamics and try again

    any fuel is chemical energy storage, no more, no less.
    any energy conversion is lossy, ever superconductors are lossy

    in case of IC2e - conversion from fuel to "wire gnomes" is 50% lossy in both ways, with electric heater you waste 75% of energy.

    The response from me this morning was bad, I am Sorry, i should not post that early.

    To clarify: When its intended to be lossy, then ok, but it was the possibility that my setup was wrong, or the Balancing, so i asked.

    In my understanding it is that i throw the bio chaff (with a chemical energy staroge of its own) in, and give it more energy to make it usable. When only this process of the bio chaff costs more than the biogas as energy storage has, is the energy from the plants a full loss. So why use it anyway ?

    Is there e a special use for biogas ? Only transportable Energy Storage is not an reason because of batteries i think.

    To this point i didn't build the setup with the fluid heat thingy, so i don't know how lossy that is.

    Greetings Kropter

    and who told you that biogas produce more power that required to craft it?


    Actually, who told you that you should use electric heat generators to heat your fermenter?
    That is extremely inefficient. You have to use other heat generators, like Fluid Heat Generator (powered by biogas!).

    ok, that is an argument, so I have only an inefficient setup, I will try other ways.

    PS: nobody told me anything, i try to use the machines, nothing more ;-)


    So, i have a fermenter Setup, with fluid heat generator, Stirling Generator and Electric Heat Generator providing Heat for the Fermenter.
    All works perfect, but isnt self sufficent. The Stirling Generator provides not enough power for the Heat Generator (1 or 2 coils) that the Fermenter runs fast enough to provide enough Biogas, in the end it will run out. Am I making a mistake , is there a balancing issue or is that intended ?

    Greetings Kropter