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    "Sound is a mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing and of a level sufficiently strong to be heard, or the sensation stimulated in organs of hearing by such vibrations." :P Also known as: The furnace didn't have any sound, and he fixed it, so it has sound! :P (My guess :D )

    They are not purple, they are magenta (unless I assume wrong) and magenta is >9000 times better than transparent. This means they are magenta because they are using the default BLANK texture (instead of no texture at all) and can thus be fixed by applying the texture in the right place. Now, since i don't use HD textures and doesn't feel very motivated to install one of them all i can say is, try and figure out which file it is using and place some graphics in there.
    But anyways, magenta is better than no texture at all. Now you know something is working as intended somehow.

    Purple or magenta... so similar it doesn't matter in this particular case :P
    And I don't know why you seem to focus on the HD textures - as it also happens with the DEFAULT texture pack.. (the one that comes with Minecraft..)

    And I have tried adding the 3 pipe textures to various other texture files - and they just keep on being.. not there. Gah. :P


    I would help you solve it if it wasn't for the OVERWHELMING number of posts i have seen with "this and that Y U NO WRK" without ever considering dropping their precious HD textures or dropping the mod they can't use. Or simply reading and understanding simple instructions on how to work with (the generally unsupported features of) HD textures.

    I've tried just about every solution I could dig up in this thread, in Sphax's texture pack thread, and in the two HD Patchers.
    And being no expert, doesn't help at all :P
    Also - the textures are invisible using default textures as well - so dropping the HD texture pack would be pointless - as the result is the same.

    I'll give Optifine's files a go - but last time it made Minecraft go mental, so I'm not holding my breath on that one, there has to be some other solution out there,
    like adding the textures to other files so they get loaded - assuming it's a loading issue, since they don't show up.

    Edit: Your post is actually more spam than mine - given you didn't even bother to read it all, and just blindly replied ;) :P

    Edit edit: Changed to Optifine's files - no big change really - now the textures are purple 8|
    So they're either purple or invisible - regardless of what I do it seems. Feh - I'll just have to live with them like that - not going to drop this mod or AdditionalPipes :D

    I'm here to join the crowd having texture issues with the regulator pipes - they're invisible to me as well. Gah.

    I've tried just about everything so far - and no go.
    (Tried copying the textures into AdditionalPipes file, tried default and Sphax's texture pack, tried Sphax's texture pack with and without all it's addons - and so on and so forth)

    Would be nice with a solution so I can stop losing my invisible pipes :P Hehe.

    Just a little edit to mention a couple of things: Using MCPatcher's HD Texture patch, along with Optifine (without the files that give HD Texture support, as per their thread and installation guide when you want to keep MCPatcher)

    First of all, thanks for your addon! :D
    And the bugreport:
    It would seem that the Crystal BatPack is effected by an overpowering bug :( The Lapotron might be too - I don't have one yet.

    What happens is after using it for a good while, the charge of it does drop as it should.

    If I then save/quit and later come back to play, it'll have gained charge on it's own. (Last time, it was under half energy aprox, at return, it was almost full again)
    Also sometimes to the point of the 'health bar' not showing, and if put into an MFE, it'll put the excess energy into the MFE and show the health bar again.