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    crash when generating dungeon from other mod:

    fastcraft 1.21
    sgs treasure 3.0

    ahh I found it, it was called pastebin...

    so here is pastebin of the buildcraft pipes that I was talking earlier.

    it will nerf all normal (glass + 2blocks) recipes and make them give you less (without removing the convertation from fluid pipe to normal etc)

    (in newest buildcraft you can make colored glass pipes, this version of script allow you to do that but only after making the pipe (you just take your pipe and add dye)

    well now with newest buildcraft, HanakoCZ pipe tweaks doesn't work. unfortunately :( ( cause all pipes can now be made with colored glass! )

    any idea how to update nerfs for pipes now? cause doing every recipe by hand would take ages now. (again, mod that nerfs recipes, gregtech like, would be great!)

    EDIT : ok I did it, now only way to get colored pipes is to take 8 of them and put dye in the center, that means that the first way of crafting colored pipes got removed. it works fine but I can't put it here cause character limit...

    changing my modpack to gregtech...

    should I disable these in (not gregtech) configs?
    are these spawn with gregtech version of them or no?

    -forestry apatite
    -app2 certus ore
    -app2 charged certus ore

    -all thermalexpansion ores
    -all thaumcraft ores
    - railcraft firestone

    are all of these really have gregtech version that spawn?


    ahh found better question.
    if an gregtech ore can be found in NEI does that mean that it spawn? and has config? (I know for sure that some don't have config but maybe they have just different name in config? )

    Not really viable, not only because of byproducts, but because of quantity.

    so you saying that there is a byproduct that only way to acquire it is one of the mentioned gregtech ores? (iron, copper, tin, gold, lead)

    cause when I was looking at it I didn't see any item that couldn't be acuired after changing to railcraft poorores. I'm asking cause there is a chance that I missed something.
    (I mean item that can be ONLY acquired by gregtech ores. I don't mean item that one of the ways to acquire it are gregtech ores.)

    I just don't want to be in situation that I find that I can't craft something just becouse I replaced gregtech ores with poor railcraft ones.

    and one of the reasons I want to do it is I want to have it like it is in railcraft, many ores but not much output, grindy way.

    the unkonwn material detected thing
    mod causing it : Headcrumbs

    crashing at launch when this mod is installed (B3M):…enie-zemli-majnkraftskaya

    also I got this but I don't know if it's after installing gregtech or no :

    [05/10/2014 16:27:07 PM] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: Likely cycle is in : [RecipeEntry("forge:robearmordye", SHAPELESS, thaumcraft.common.items.armor.RecipesRobeArmorDyes) After: forge:robearmordye, RecipeEntry("After", UNKNOWN, )]
    [05/10/2014 16:27:07 PM] Oct 05, 2014 4:27:06 PM$LoggingSubscriberExceptionHandler handleException

    also I was wondering, if it wouldn't be a problem to disable tin, copper, iron, gold, lead, and put instead the poor railcraft ores. mostly I'm worried that one of the gregtech ores would normally have some byproduct that isn't acqurable with railcraft poor ores.

    Keep your shirt on, sparky. UNG did a full set of GT videos back on 1.6, and I highly doubt he "want(s) gregtech dead".
    The 'everything needs plates' suggestion is a little bit extreme even by GT standards; unless there's a whole host of people (including Greg himself) that would want to see that, I would leave it to MineTweaker to do that.

    Also, I believe Better Than Wolves and TerraFirmaCraft were both released before GregTech got interesting, and both of them have their own flavors of megagrinding.

    the point is, if something like that wouldn't take that much time, simple config option to turn that ON would be nice. (no, you can't just edit 9999 recipes manually)

    Excellent, less turn everything more grindy, because grindy is fun! no serious, enough, gregtech already balance itself on outer mods (wich is stupid) , making outer things follow this is like taxes here, you pay everytime one over the outer, if the modpack creator wants that, mine tweak it.

    you know where you are? it's GregTech, first mod that actually was grindy, first mod that made the game good cause you didn't get everything in 2 days.

    you shouldn't be there if you think that balancing mods is stupid. (or you just say that cause you want gregtech dead)

    and now you say that rather coding automatic system that changes all recipes to require plates instead of ingots, it's better to change it with minetweaker. would be the same if you said "yeah, fuck them, fuck them all, I don't care, I don't need it so just fuck those people, let them do it MANUALLY, every recipe in the game! :)"

    maybe we should code machines and the mechanic of the mod ourselves too, cause there will be someone that will not like every machine so that way everyone will be happy. yeah we should do that cause it's more reasonable that way.

    I was just asking for modified oregeneration config for gregtech, I really don't want to mess with it but it would be nice to have nerfed one.

    or maybe someone know modpack that has already done and changed gregtech oregen config? I would do it myself but not after I finished all the configs in cofh, now I need to disable them if I want to go gregtech way. >.>

    yeah but you need to remember that most of the people are too lazy to change most of the machines / recipes from other mods. especially when we talking about making it gregtech like..

    so that is another point.

    also you can't do everything with minetweaker modtweaker combo...

    That seems better left to Minetweaker Scripts, which is what the other thread is for :) You should probably tell the OP of that to come here and submit his ideas :)

    are you blind or something?

    codding it will have a lot of pluses

    1. everyone will have the same version and it will be easier to make mod pack, OR REMEMBER THE RECIPES... it will be easier to remember it if there will be only 1 version for everyone

    2. there will be possibilities to implement some new items (only for crafting) that require gregs machines to craft

    3. it's a lot easier that way, just look at that thread that you are talking about, there is almost nothing there.

    4. again, 1 version for everyone means EASYNESS everyone will remember it even if it will be in different modpacks or servers

    ok, so will anyone take a challange and make addon for gregtech to make most popular mods like, railcraft, buildcraft, appliedenergistics2, forestry, have hardrecipes like old times?

    or maybe gregtech? maybe instead of other modauthors you can do it? cause you are best at it