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    Is getting sapphire dust the only way now to get aluminium in the early game? Aluminium is necessary for MV machines, however most of the recipes require 60/90/120 EU/T in electrolyzer. Like clay dust for example. Only sapphire dust is 30 EU/T but until I find enough of it it might take ages, especially now when world gen is biome independent, so I assume there is no point in asking where to look for it.

    I am okay with the mod being so difficult, I don't complain, MC would be boring without GT, I like challanges but I don't have so many time during my day to play, and I would like to spend my play time for crafting, adding stuff to my base and not mining hole evenings.
    Is there a different way to get aluminium, am I missing something?

    You can find actual aluminium ores in bauxite veins or you can try going for either rubies, green sapphires or regular sapphires, (the latter could as you mentioned be turned into dust for a higher profit) which can be thrown into the electric blast furnace and grant you 3 nuggets each.

    I think that statement is wrong, you can both convert IC2 EU to GT EU, as well as GT EU to IC2 EU with Gregtech's transformers.

    I just made a test - I powered a Gregtech machine from MFE with no problems and also powered an MFE with gregtech diesel generator.

    That's odd i wasn't able to accomplish this with a batbox sorry if i misinformed you ;)

    The solution is twofold.

    Firstly gregtech energy is only semi-compatible with IC2 default energy, meaning GT energy can be converted into IC2 energy but not the other way around which is why you'll want to use LV / MV / HV / EV / IV Battery Buffers to store and convey your energy.

    For your first electric setup i'd reccomend you place your machines close to your energy outlet, but if you feel you have the necessary infrastructure to support it you could transform LV energy into higher energy units and transform it back down at the desired location (although i don't see how you'd have LV tier machines if you're capable of building MV transformers.)

    Check this guy's signature for material stats: [Addon][1.7.10][Open-Beta] GregTech-Addon: Hello Kitty Online has more features ~Kane Hart

    As for brewing, you can see the basic ones in NEI, and vanilla potions have the expected recipes (water>nether wart>ingredient>redstone/glowstone/gunpowder). For everything else, you can take a look at the brewing thread.

    Thanks a lot that's a very helpful spreadsheet, and yeah i figured how brewing works i just wondered if there was an effect list somewhere (effects aren't displayed in NEI) :).