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    I am currently trying this system on experimental 645, it's not running MOX atm, but that's what it's been built for(soon master! Soon....)
    I can set an upper and lower temperature and it'll cycle between those till it runs out of fuel eventually.
    If needed I can prime the temp by adding some extra rods in the beginning to get the MOX up to temp.

    The reactor is just filled with Reactor Heat Vents, it's not the most resource efficient system I'm sure, but it produces a steady 400Hu/s, no fluctuations at all(40 RHVs).
    I could probably fit a few more in there, but I'm running two steam generators, which takes a total of 400Hu, so it's good enough.

    The only thing that worries me is the stability of the Remote Temperature Sensors, I had some issues earlier where they would stop working and the server log complaining about some mismatch in the E-Net(which I can't for the life of me find any trace of in the log files atm), if that happens we might have a boom happening(which is why the reactor is clad in three layers of reinforced stone(went quite a bit of iron there I might add...) and I added a remote sensor sensing if the reactor is on or not(triggers on temp 1), if that one drops out the reactor shuts down).

    (Gates are, from left to right, NOT, RS Latch and AND), output goes to the reactor redstone port.