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    Well, the latest version by UnixRano was for 1.115 anyways I think, so maybe some methods were changed in the update to 1.117 (the release version of 1.5.2). That's at least a possibility why it crashed.
    Still, you should best use the latest version, in case you don't already do so.
    - Shadow

    Can you write your IC2CA version? Seems that you have this crash because you are using incorrect IC2 version (or incorrect IC2CA version).
    "Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: ic2.core.item.ItemTinCan.getHealAmount()"

    IC2CA 1.14.3. Should I just fish around with IC2 versions or what?
    (The issue probably is with new methods in 1.117. It happens with every ExoSuit version of Quantum Helmets.)

    Never knew Tin Cans heal you when fed by a Q-Helmet. Then again, my health bar's always full...

    Here's a crash I got with the Quantum Solar Helmet.

    IC2 1.117.385, forge