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    Hi everyone!

    This is a small Industrial Craft 2 Add-on that I created.
    It adds high end items to ic2. This is the first mod I have created.
    This mod is still in alpha, so there may be may bugs.

    Items :
    Carbon Nanotube :
    Nanotubes are some of the strongest materials in the world available to
    you. They are extremely strong. These can be use to create tools and
    One carbon nanotube costs over 20,000 coal, and 9 iridium plates to craft.
    Carbon Mesh:
    Crafting component of Carbon Nanotubes.

    Compressed Carbon:
    Crafting component of Carbon Nanotubes.
    Obsidian Stick:
    Crafting component of Lubricated obsidian sticks.
    Lubricated Obsidian Stick:
    Crafting Component of Carbon Nanotube Tools.
    Carbon Nanotube Tools:
    A very powerful set of tools. They are made with lubricated obsidian sticks and carbon nanotubes.
    Carbon Nanotube Axe :
    Carbon Nanotube Hoe :
    Carbon Nanotube Pickaxe :
    Carbon Nanotube Shovel :
    Carbon Nanotube Sword :
    Carbon Nanotube Armor:
    A very powerful set of armor. One piece is stronger then a set of diamond armor.
    Carbon Nanotube Helmet :
    Carbon Nanotube Chestplate :
    Carbon Nanotube Leggings :
    Carbon Nanotube Boots :
    Crafting component.
    Crafting component.
    Crafting :
    Electric Carbon Nanotube Tools:
    With a few minor adjustments we have made the carbon nanotube tools rechargeable.
    Electric Carbon Nanotube Axe :
    Electric Carbon Nanotube Pickaxe :
    Electric Carbon Nanotube Shovel :
    Electric Carbon Nanotube Sword :
    This sword when activated by a shift right click will do 1000 damage, but will consume 250 EU/t in this mode.

    Electric Carbon Nanotube Armor:
    This very powerful set of armor that almost makes you invincible.
    Electric Helmet :
    This piece of armor will remove potion effects and allow you to breath underwater at the cost of EU.
    Electric Chestplate :
    This piece of armor will allow you to fly at the cost of 256 EU/t.
    Electric Leggings :
    This piece of armor will charge other items and your armor.
    Electric Boots :
    This piece of armor allows you to take no fall damage.
    Lapatron Crystals:
    Crafting component and energy storage.
    Lapatron Energy Crystal :
    This item stores 100,000,000 EU.
    Lapatronic Energy Crystal :
    This item stores 1,000,000,000 EU.
    Transmutation Shard:
    Crafting component.
    Drops from mobs.
    Transmutation Stone:
    Changes materials(Blocks) into other forms.
    Crafting :
    Electric Transmutation Stone:
    This does the same thing as the transmutation stone, but it can be recharged.
    Crafting :
    These magic staffs give you potion effects when you right click at the cost of hunger.
    Haste Staff :
    Healing Staff :
    Health Staff :
    Strength Staff :
    Water Breathing Staff :
    Iridium Block:
    A very strong block that is used in crafting.
    Crafting :
    Compressed Iridium Block:
    A almost unbreakable block that is used in crafting.
    Crafting :
    Charcoal Block:
    A compressed form of storage of charcoal. It can also be macerated into 9 coal dust.
    Crafting :