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    Ahhh thank you!

    Also for those of you who are new to creating and modding a server:

    This problem was caused because i was opening the server with the wrong jar. A forge server has 2 .jars that u can use to open the server with. If you put a mod in the mod folder, it will not automatically install when you launch unless you launch with the jar file that says 'Forge - Universal'. This will then usually create a file inside your config folder which is your clue if you wanna know if the mod is installed correctly.

    You have no idea what i had to go thru to figure that out lol. Randomly browsing the files i found that config folder and i noticed that its contents were different from my single player's. I tried to find a way to replicate the process which lead to the config files creation and finally hit that forge-universal jar and it was suddenly there like magic :D

    Now im facing a new problem lol... I learned to allocate ram to a server and i allocated 2GB instead of the regular 1G. I also have 26 mods total installed mostly simple stuff like the thirst, mo-moves, mo-villages, mods, etc. I noticed that with 0 to around 10 mods the server was smooth. I dont know exactly when it happened but I got some annoying lag right now. It maybe is one of my addons, or maybe i got too many addons I dont know.

    This is not the ordinary server lag im use to. You know that lag when you are mining a block, then it breaks, but then the block comes back out of nowhere? its not that. Its like a spike lag that unlike the explanation above, it freezes my screen for a very tiny fraction of a second, but it happens like every 1-1.5 second or so.

    Description of lag in my online server:

    -In a race from point A to point B:

    -Regular server lag will teleport you back to point A from point B after the lag spike ends.
    -My weird server lag will make me run-freeze-run-freeze-run all the way to point B from point A.

    It literally is freezing my game and that never happened before. It happens at a beat too (one-one thousand, two-two thousand). Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it? I have come so far but my head cant take it anymore. I started playing minecraft about 3-4 weeks ago and this is just too much lol. Maybe i can solve the problem but its gonna take me a long time since im still learning this thing.

    Thank you for your quick reply. I have fixed the problem. I carefully made a fresh forge server and re-installed the mod on it. It now works leaving me with no explanation of what happened. Odd...

    Also i was playing a vanilla server but when i saw industrial-craft i fell in love with it. Im new to this and i cant seem to find populous servers. Usually they got a population of 1-5 or 0. Any suggestions? The servers i've checked around here so far say 0-3 people online. Thanks...

    I made a forge server and i put the IC2 where it says 'Mods' and thats all i did. I can browse thru the IC2 inventory while on creative, but when i try placing stuff on the world or using it, it just vanishes. I've seen rubber trees, but when i cut them down the blocks also disappear. Im lost lol

    Hi I created a local server for friends and family with IC2, but im a total noob to this. After a lot of research i made the server run however every IC2 new item (trees, ore, guns, etc) is not working at all.

    I go creative mode and get those items in my bag space but the moment i try to put a block down or use an item it just disappears! Every vanilla item is placeable, but as soon as you try using, moving, breaking, or placing IC2 stuff it just disappears. Can anyone help me? I've had to learn so much to make this server in the past few hours and im baffled by this and really have no clue why its happening.