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    (I would like to thank Feanturi for featuring this server on the IndustrialCraft - Wiki )
    (Have our own forum now! )

    We are currently working on moving the server to another computer. We are having TCP stack overflows with bukkit causing many errors. We're working on getting everything up and running and unfortunately have no ETA.

    And so it begins...

    Ceto a land where massive amounts of rain wash over the worlds surface. It's speculated that there has not been a three day period without rain in it's recorded history (It rains... A LOT). Shrouded in mystery and intrigue to all but the bravest souls (White-List)! Those who settle there learn to quickly respect the law of the land (PVP is enabled), yet the gods are fond of punishing those who revel in mindless slaughter. The lush landscape abundant with its own dangers (Mobs).