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    Why do you use Galacticraft Oxygen anyways? That is not really meant to work anyways. With GT Oxygen everthing works, so there is no bug...

    If you absolutly want GC Oxygen to work, i will add a recipe balanced to its production costs.

    The GC devs have stated that GC oxygen is actually air and should not be dictionary compatible with any mods' pure oxygen, so I would advise against this (although for this discussion the point is moot anyways).

    I started a script for OpenComputers. OpenComputers already has some amazing GT recipes, but they're all GT4 recipes. They need to be re-organized to use the forming press, laser engraver, fluids on the assembler, etc. This is all I have so far, but I wanted to get this out there so other people can collaborate on it.

    Ever since version 0.527 alot of the items no longer have localized names. Do you have any plans to fix this soon? It's very distracting to be working with
    Is anyone else *not* having this problem with 0.530+?

    I want make REALY Greg server for my friends, but with some other mods. And i do not want to break balance.
    I have some questions:

    1. When i first run ic2 2.2.658 + gregtech 5.07 i have had IC2 ores. (i disabled it in IC2 config) why you didn't disable it by default?
    2. You have added new tools. But IC2 have its own Broze tools. (Why you didn't disable it?) Should i disable it and how?
    3. If i want make REALY Greg server should i disable all IC2 machines and leave only GT machines? (for example, should i allow using coal generator from IC2 or disable it?)

    I recommend that you just use the Infitech 2 modpack on the FTB launcher. Information here:
    It specifically features Gregtech, and is designed and balanced around Gregtech. Most importantly it has a server download on the launcher that you can use.

    "Q: I cant fix all of the Problems in my Multiblock for starting it, HALP!A: Go start the Multiblock anyways. It will run as long as there is at least one solved Problem. And when you reach MV Tier you can use Duct Tape. Also the next people who ask that get banned for two reasons, 1. Didn't read Q/A and 2. You didn't check if it would run with that Problem being still there."

    i have read q/a, machine won't start at all that's why im asking in forum. please do not respond if you have nothing to say

    Did you hit it with a rubber hammer? The multiblock machines aren't enabled when you first put them together.