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    Gregtech need some wiki or tech support, its the worst mod ever on this point... even small mods have guides and wikis... since it messes around with ALL mods possible, its very required indeed... and dont give '50,000' recipes excuse man, those are just for stuff like filling cells on canning machines and stuff, the real important recipes are not so many, and you gotta keep in mind some people dont like NEI, and NEI should be a REQUIREMENT for your mod the wat it is now, so yeah your mod is already a 'addon' that is bigger than its requirement (iC2) - btw Greg could you explain how your mod is a addon of IC2 and dont accept IC2 energy? because this makes no sense at all man

    nah im using dyes on the mixer, there must be a way to remove it with cells, all other machines mods do this...

    the amounts are based on the amount the ingot is from. And one ingot is 144L of fluid , so you cant have rounded numbers.

    For pipes etc not working....this is because machines don´t have "tank" as normal things with tank....try scanner, it won´t tell you anything about tank for fluids...not amount in machine...
    Well, some tool with capacity needed for one operation would be enough (18L ?) Or at least with capacity of 144 for basic counting of uses. And having such a tool would be LOGICAL..

    ... I suppose you could try the Plunger, I don't know if that works on machines (or just pipes), but that would delete the fluid stored.

    nah i tried the plunger - i would not expect it to work thou, im talking about a mixer not a toilet but... well this is major, without know how to do this this mod is not very usefull... i guess i will wait someone figger this out, i dont understand why you would make the recipes consume non rounded values of liquids... why not make it consume 500 OR 1.000... i mean 1.100, 55, this will cause so much headaches. Pipes wont remove liquid FROM the liquid entrance tank, just from liquid exit tanks, pipes will only GIVE liquid to the entrance tanks... all greg need to do here is make the Shift+rigght click work with the IC2 cells, like they work on all tanks and other machines, like from Forestry

    how you guys are playing this mod without know this anyway?? most machines need fluids now :/

    guys, how i remove that irritating residue of water or any liquid from the GT machines, like Distilary, Mixer etc, so i can pump other liquid types? i just cant remove that 8 water from the tank... its so irritating, not even the IC2 Cells will work shift clicking :/ any idea how to do this? machines wont work while i dont figger this out

    i open my thaumic book (Thaumcraft 4 mod) and there is GT stuff there too... i mean really greg, why messing around with thaumcraft? have nothing to do with your mod theme... anyways.. it says 'bugged for some reason' and the other one i saw is 'filling buckets with water' - is this supose to be a joke? why are you messing around with magic mods now? :/

    hey greg why i cant enchant your weapons on enchantment table? i tried with a ruby sword, cant put Fire I on it :D is that right or its just bugged yet and will be possible later?

    btw nice work so far man, the 1.7 version is FAR superior than the old one, the machine casings are way more elegant now, they were pretty ugly before (specialy the high advanced machine casings - the pink ones - ohh how i despise those lol)
    anyway, the new textures you pick now are elegant, also some new machines are very realistic and nice too... yeah yeah the loading time is insane here because of your config (like 10 min lol) but im having fun with your mod, thanks a lot man,

    PS: did you like what i did with your old fusion reactor?

    If the Basic Steam Turbine is the 1st machine that produce energy u should build, them how you get the magnetic iron bar that is need for the electric motor that are need to buld it?
    cause to get the magnetic ingots u need the basic polarizer... and i need ENERGY to power it, so how come ? what is the 1st Energy machine i should build? cause NEI dont say and there is no wiki for that yet :(

    EDIT: dang u can use redstone to make those magnetic rods, nvm that

    got this today for some reason:

    [16:05:18 INFO]: Client> [16:05:18] [Client thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: [gregtech.common.GT_Proxy:registerOre:640]: Material Name: ingotLudicrite !!!Unknown Material detected!!! Please report to GregTech Intergalactical for additional compatiblity. This is not an Error, an Issue nor a Lag Source, it is just an Information, which you should pass to me.
    [16:05:18 INFO]: Client> [16:05:18] [Client thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: [gregtech.common.GT_Proxy:registerOre:640]: Material Name: dustLudicrite !!!Unknown Material detected!!! Please report to GregTech Intergalactical for additional compatiblity. This is not an Error, an Issue nor a Lag Source, it is just an Information, which you should pass to me.

    also a bunch of Thaumcraft entrances, and im not using thanumcraft... any idea? SHOULD i use it? lol

    well its working with NEI now.. im using so much other heavy mods, (flans, BoP, Galacticraft, Psycodelicraft, Mo Creatures, Railcraft, Forestry, BinnieMods, and so many others.
    im surprised to see 1.7 have way less conflics bugs, also i aint got no memory leak yet after i update the java to 8, lets just hope, would be great to have all those mods working fine with yours... i found 'hemp' on your items,

    if you dont mind some critic here, i would not extend my tentacles to food/other stuff, your mod is big enough already man, there are plenty decent mods for food, like Pam Harvescraft witch i use and recomend, and psycodelicraft have all the narcotics already...i would keep my work with Tech only, that is your speciality.. but hey dont take it wrong, do wtv you want, its just me...

    i cant wait to see your new fusion reactor, (dont forget to check the video later - i made in english so you can understand, even thou its not that good lol)

    again congratz for the job Greg