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    So this is my attempt at the galactic mining vessel :) Download here, when unzipped, it contains map AND configs, just drag and drop over your current .minecraft (after backing up).

    EDIT: Its just started working :D Not quite sure what was wrong, but thanks for all the help anyway :D

    I have an MFSU, with a large amount of power in it. Connected to this is a HV cable which then splits into 2. One of these leads into an electrical engine (power crystal's mod), and takes 72 EU/t. The other leads to my house, where it is connected to an MV transformer, which connects to an LV transformer, neither of which is powered by redstone. The output of the LV then leads to a macerator, electric furnace, compressor and extractor. However, for some reason, no power is transmitted along the cable, even when there are items in the machines at the end (I have to power them by battery). Can anyone help?