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    Consider also that the wiki states there's a hard limit of "about 8000EU/t" so my maths say that although you may be able to power more than 20 OCs, they won't provide any benefit.
    Kind of like paying $10,000 for a kebab. The man will happily take your money but it doesn't get you any more kebab than you would've gotten for $7.


    anyway i found the breakpoint to be at 13 for the furnace i'll check if any of the others are differnt this puts the output at afraction over 1 tick per operation, i doubt it'd be noticable.

    > also i wanted to point
    out that i'm trying to run a single mascerator with the theoretical max
    of 20 overclocker upgrades (thats why i made this)

    20 OCs want 3325 EU per operation. You need at least 1 Energy Storage Upgrade since the Macerator's internal storage is only 625 EU.
    You can supply the 3325/tick a couple of ways. Have a bank of 7 MFSU supplying 512EU/t power over a single glass fibre cable.

    In theory you could have a couple of backward HV transformers between the MFSU and the Macerator but I'm not sure if they'll support 3 transformer upgrades and run off EV. That needs testing :) Still, that's not really a practical suggestion. You'd still need a bunch of MFSU to feed the transformer to make EV.

    Well i have the gang of reactors feeding a gang of 18 MFSUs that then feed into the maserator, there currently all full (takes about 3 minecraft days for the reactor ro fill them all up,) equaling about 9216EU/t, i'll backup my world and try out the 3-4 transformer upgrades idea.

    what happens is that it will procsess a half stack (32 ore into 64 dust) in a fast speed i havent calculated or clocked it but with 64 storage upgrades it will deplete its internal storage buffer seemingly much faster than i can put EU into it.

    edit: breakthrough! i threw a whole stack of transformer upgrades into the mascerator and it didnt deplete its internal buffer! i hooked up a redstoned HV transformer (HV>EV) but it doesnt have the capacity (2048EU/t max) by itself to run the maserator. i'm guessing that each transformer upgrade gives 4 times the EU/t pull potential of the previous number of transformer upgrades i'm testing that now. what worries me is that if i have a machine with 3 and it needs 4 to take EV it might blow up with the force of a mass fab.

    (if my math is correct on the 4 times thing a machine with 64 transformer upgrades has a max capacity of 590295810358705651712 EU/t

    edit2:after moar testing, i was able to get 18 OC upgrades running with 16 Storage Upgrades and 3 transformer upgrades, with 20 OC upgrades you gotta have all 64 storage upgrades and theres no effect past 6 transformer upgrades for this ammount of imput EU/t, meaning that i'm not putting in enough and it takes about twice as long for the internal buffer to replenish than it takes to process the halfstack.

    based on the info on the wiki about oc upgrades i set out to figure it out for myself and this is what i've come up with:

    the equation for figuring out the EU/t should be like this EU*(1.5^X) where X is the number of OC upgrades you have, at 20 this seems to break down and the machine uses far more energy than 6650EU/t (i'm feeind close to 10k EU/t into a maserator and its not working)

    with transformer upgrades the machine will pull packets of 32, 128, or 512 depending on how many upgrades you have and how much it needs to refill its internal buffer. meaning that if you have to many OC upgrades (say 16) and only 32EU/t it will operate at a speed equal to how long it takes 32EU/t to fill up the required EU for the job (42 and 1/2 seconds according to my math, 1364EU)

    i'm suspecting that at 20 upgrades you would need to imput EU/t equal to the entire job size per tick to make it run at full speed somthing like i'm not even sure becasue pumping 10k EU/t into a maserator with 2 transformer upgrades 64 storage upgrades and 20 overclocker upgrades still causes it to drop way way down in speed wilse still consuming 10k eu/t. thus i can only conclude that OC upgrades work like Overclocking does in real life, causing the machine its preformed on to become unpredictable.

    i suppose i hadent thought about downconverting for transfer, that would eliminate the need for transformers at the other end i suppose. the wall of cables was me attempting to get more transformer capacity than i had output (otherwise there would be bottlenecks) and i didnt feel like pulling out a calculator to figure it out.

    how i had origianly planned it was that each generator would have a transformer attached (the cables are coming out of the side of the closest chamber not the end) sideways and that would leave enough room on the edge of the dirt for a redstone torch or lever. attaching the 3dot side of the transformer to the reactor, upon appling redstone the transformer vaporizes. but if i were downconverting to 512packets for glass fibre cables i would only need 1 msfu instaid of a gang of transformers to collect the energy, (technicly i woudlent use 1 msfu but whatever).

    also i wanted to point out that i'm trying to run a single mascerator with the theoretical max of 20 overclocker upgrades (thats why i made this)

    Using BCIC2Crossover will make the reactor chambers work with pipes.

    excuse me? i think you missed the problem. the reactors are fed directly with RP2 Transposers and a timer set to 0.350 seconds each, the ice comes out of 2 Energy Condensers fueled by a single MK3 Collector. adding chambers (and making the transposers incompadible) would increase the complexity and size significantly, technicly removing a reactor chamber can reduce the size to 4x4x1 and reducing its energy output to i think 800EU/t~ i havent done the research or testing.

    the problem i'm having is with the transmition of the EUs not the generation.

    edit: i feel i sounded rude

    i'm assuming thats correct (title) becasue the reactor planner says Mark I-I-SUC EA and the ice will be added continualy at all times, even when theres an overflow kinda.

    anyway i built this reactor and it relies on RP, EE and IC2 for its operation. technicly it imputs 5.7 ice blocks per second but the reactor planner doesnt support imputing decimals. anyway its total size is 4x4x2 blocks and according to the reactor planner it outputs 1310 eu/t (my question is on this cus i cant measure it) and i need help with the transmission of the energy.

    the problem seems to be with the HV transformer. i used a setup before where i had to much EU for glass fibre cables but not enough for the most effiecient via 4xins HV cable where i used an HV transformer with redstone to transmit the 2048 packets with the minimal energyloss. but idk if they changed it or i'm doing it wrong or what becasue when i hook the redstoned transformer up to the 1300eu (trying to transform it to 2048 packets) it vapotizes. as you can see in my pic i have 6 ganged reactors but the one on the far end away from the MFSU aray is only producing 1000EU/t~ due ot cable losses. so did they change it so i cant turn the 1300EU packets into 2048 packets without some convoluted mess of transformers or am i doing it wrong?

    i just crafted a batpack for the first time in the world i made along with some iron armor and took it with an electric drill down and started mining. my stuff ran out of charge i came back up and i noticed my armor that was new when i went down was at 35%~ i've been playing on peacefull and only took one minor fall (half heart) so i'm pretty sure that this is some kind of bug is there somthign i can do to work around or?

    edit: typo 1.64 not 1.65, also i forgot to actualy make a subject

    before i accedently blew it up with a misplaced mass fabricator for testing my setup producing ice with 6 snow golems was using 7 Electric engines (Forestry by SirSengir) and 5 singularity compressors, i had to use overflow pipes on the compressors due to there being about 1/3 to many snowballs (couldent make use of the rest just dumped it into lava) that produced more ice than the reactor could use (also dumped), at the point where all my machinerey pulled EUs from the 3 MFSUs i had hooked up i measured ~122EU/t (~1400 ticks) and the reactor itself produced 1780EU/t

    i think that these snow golem powered CASUC reactors could potentialy be incredibly OP and simple to operate especialy if you can just hook up a single snow supply point to a bunch of reactors. i smell an inc nerf tho so you should probably have emergency shutdowns on your reactors for nerf patches, or somthing idk. just dont hook up a mass fab like i did to the direct output unless you wanna start over >.<

    I've noticed my solar panels dont produce EUs wile its raining anymore (thunderstorm or not) and i dont recall reading anything about it in the patch notes and i was wondering if it was changed for blanace or mabye one of my other mods might be interfereing with them