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    evry emap and data storing TFBP cood have a id like a map and it wood store the maps in a file win tha are skand and the dada will only be stored once and evry thing wood be labled with the ids of the emaps that have thim. the file will be puit in the saves folder

    sarry for new tread

    to start youd need a set of all reddy filled maps and put thim in in the data proseser and thin power it, the map will not be desroyed. it will save the map to a TFBP stick ,the stick can hold over 9000 paramiles of map data so only 1 stick can hold all of your maps HAYO.
    But what good is a stick with a map on it, no good with out the t-70s emap5000. to make the emap you need a TFBP for memery an :Energy Crystal: for power an FreqTrans for the abilidy to send and reseve data with anuther emap, and finaly a :Electronic Circuit: . just puit the emap and the TFBP with the map in the data proseser and it will copy the maps on to the emap. the data proseser can also prent out maps on paper, you have to select the area that you want to prent. now too sent the emaps data and zoom in and out you need to yousw the right click o matick. the emap is able to only send part of its data so you can send data about enamys cassles but not your bace. the data proseser cood be eter a block or a itom like the old :Mobile Charger:
    coment about the idea not spelling or gramer