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    "You could, ask the guys at enetbridge to be more careful with how they do reflection (they do not seem to appreciate some variables are marked as client-side only)? I am not sure it is a good idea to start making client-only stuff work on the server in Witchery, just because another mod is being overzealous with reflection (which is a bug on their side btw). You could also remove enetbridge mod if you do not need its features, or just not build the statue. I am not sure if they have a config option to exclude specific tileentities from their world scanning, you might ask them that?"

    This is what i was told, if this isnt the issue then what is (im not good with the whole reading of crash logs)

    Hello there, using direwolf 1.7 latest version and been having some issues, every time i create a hobgoblin statue the server crashes and keeps crashing if the chunk with the statue is loaded until it is removed, initially believed this was an issue with the witchery mod but after some discussion with the mod author over his minecraft thread and a detailed looking into the crash log it appears to be an issue with enetbridge and its reflection, the witchery mod author has suggested either i try to remove the mod from my multiplayer or reach out to the enetbridge team to ask whether there is a config to exclude enetbridge from scanning specific tile entities or any other way i can fix the issue.

    Here is the crash:

    Hope to hear from you soon