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    I can think of one reason: To keep people on a server, who have a decent EU production, from hollowing out exceedingly large areas with almost no effort. While you can do that with a nuke, the parts of the MFFS are reusable indefinitely. Heck, if they could be moved with Frames, they would make an amazing boring head for a TBM. .... Consider that a suggestion! Still, I agree that there should be a cost associated with removing blocks. Perhaps not the exorbitant costs suggested, but at least some reasonable cost, by default, and a setting in the config file if you should want to modify the costs.

    Perhaps there could be a forcefield (or upgrade) that'll remove blocks, store them, and replace them later? Some sort of 'Stasis' field? You would, of course, have to account for any blocks placed in the area, perhaps if there's a block in 'storage' and when you try to 'un-stasis' it on top of a block that's been placed in the same location while the field was on, there could be a 'Reaction' (feel free to use your imagination here)? :whistling:

    Though, considering the variety of ways in which the different mods 'place' their blocks, it very well may be more work than it's worth.

    I was JUST saying that the 'Buffer' needs to be renamed, as it doesn't work as advertised. It should be called the 'Consolidator' or some such rubbish. What we need is a 'filter -> chest -> filter but-all-in-one-block' PROPER buffer! Just a filter with some internal storage for incoming items when it's backstuffed.

    Man, these images are getting thin! Been spreading them about all over the place!

    Run multiple versions of these, in series or parallel, your choice. If you don't want constant 'pass through,' eliminate the entire top part of the assembly.

    The redwire out the bottom 'To Reactor' can be renamed 'Recharge Request' for our purposes.

    It is, and it's easy:

    This is a design to fulfill an entirely different purpose, but the important part to this discussion is where the output of the first batbox splits off to the left, goes through the LVT, the EU-detector, and back into the batbox. If there's any juice in the batbox, the EU-D will always be ON.

    One drawback; it cuts the output from the batbox/MFE/MFS in half. However, no power is LOST in the process, as that 'cut' half feeds back into the batbox.

    I have a similar setup for 1.64 RS power emitting storage blocks. This loop still works.

    I have a similar setup. Only question I have is; how do you have the 'Ready Storage Chests' setup in your workshop? Is it just a handful of boxes with the materials you think you'll need? Or do you have some sort of requester system in place? If it's just a handful of boxes, how do you keep them filled? Do you devote an entire box to iron, and another to tin? RP isn't capable (yet!) of knowing how many items you took out of a box, so can't simply request replacements, like logistics pipes can...

    I would love to know more about this part of your system.

    There was precisely one legit MFSU in the game at this stage - all the others were conjured out of thin air with admin powers. While tin isn't that hard to come by, copper is massively more abundant and redstone seems to be unusually rare in our map - I'm lucky if my quartet of miners digs up two stacks during one operation (EDIT: last mining operation gave 38 redstone). Redstone was also in high demand for other things - in particular, the Redpower components (and several IC machines) to build the automated stone and glass factories which were needed to make the materials that everything else in the city is constructed out of. Even now, the best way to get redstone in any usable quantity is to use UU matter and make it.

    We had one mass fabber built fairly early on that just sat on our initial 20 solar and 3 Redpower-fed water mill power bus and very, very slowly produced UU matter. That was the biggest power drain.

    I wonder if you are accounting for the presence of lava pools blocking the redstone below some depth? I find if I neglect to place cells in my pumps, I have to run the miners a second time (cells included this time) to get any decent redstone yield. Like you, I'm running a quad setup. Mine is 18x18.

    What I have above is actually really easy to set up and use. Only the detector cables which are connected to the first storage device are required, the others being used exclusively to connect to RedPower lamps so I can see what state it's in at the moment.

    I find that I like to bring a pump with me. If you fill it with empty cells, chances are that you'll end up with at least a few lava cells after the miner has run it's course.

    Reason I mention it is because you are probably missing some diamonds. A fully equipped miner has a 9x9 area, centered on it's self. A chunk is only 16x16. This means that it'll only take, AT MOST, four runs to pull up some diamond, as there's VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED to be some diamonds in every chunk. Problem is, it's likely below a lava lake! Your miner won't mine THROUGH lava, so you have to move it out of the way, somehow. Fortunately, you can just drop a pump right next to the miner and it'll fill any cells you supply it with, removing the obstructing lava for you!

    What's more, you can then drop those cells in a geo-gen to power the miner!

    Well, you could have a HVTF off the side of the output of the MFSU, wired to an EU detector wire, and back INTO the MFSU. The EU Detector will turn off if the MFSU is EMPTY. Wire that and your full detector to a toggle gate and have that control your reactor.

    Nevermind, seems you can't use this method to detect both full and empty. I'm working on that now..

    Here ya go. This will 'Pulse' the storage device, allowing it to drain completely, then recharging it to full. While it's draining, your power source (reactor, in this case) will be OFF. While it's recharging, the power source both charges the storage device, and supplies power to the machines down the line, as the storage device will emit no power while it's charging.

    Hope this helps!

    And for completeness' sake, here it is in 'Charging' mode:

    Just in case you are having trouble reading it here on the forums, that tiny text in the upper-left corner of the first image reads: "Replace all LVTFs with applicable voltage TFs!"

    I should point out that RP machines can distinguish between Electrolized Water Cells and regular Water Cells. They can NOT distinguish any other forms of storage (Lapo's, batteries), making the electrolizer the ONLY device which can auto-swap power via tubes.

    You can drain a constant 50eu/t PER MFE/MFSU with this method, or return it to the system. Making Electrolizers, RP tubes and regular old chests the best energy storage available. Really, the only way to beat this is to use Lapo's in multiple charging benches, which is resource intensive, and requires an additional mod. The "E-Cell" method requires only brass, glass and wood to expand it.

    All told, a double box can contain a little over 45 million EU.

    Not entirely sure why you would want to store billions and billions of EU, instead of using it... But HEYO, there ya go!

    Something I came up with which may be of some use to you.

    Bottom is EV in from the right, HV out to the bottom. EUs are stepped down and fed to a batbox (so the MFSU doesn't draw too much when charging), which, in turn, feeds a MFSU. The MFSU will fill up, then start to 'leak,' triggering a cut off of the incoming current and a cessation of the redstone which is keeping it in 'fill' mode. It'll feed the Mass-fab until it runs out of stored EUs, then revert to charging state.

    This lets me 'pulse-feed' the Mass-fab, and keeps max draw on my power-grid to 32eu/t. Note that once the batbox is full, it'll actually drop to BELOW 32eu/t, because the batbox isn't passing current when the MFSU is in discharge mode.

    With the addition of the splitter cable, this only makes sense. Thanks Team! I'm going to hold off on redesigning my serial storage setup due to this impending change. I think I have a better setup idea with this change in mind.

    I REALLY prefer the adv. Geo-Gens from the power converters mod. BC pipe right into the genny and it just works. If you want untended with exclusively IC2, you are going to want to go with nuclear if you are also mining in the overworld, or wind/water if you aren't.

    You're choices are simple. If you want untended power, you need to buy new machines (install power converters), use massive, unstable pipe systems, or go with nukes.

    I have (had) just such a setup in my 1.8.1 world. Unfortunately I was experimenting with water cooled reactors and lost the lot.... I'm going to be recreating it in my 1.0 world, but it's taking a bit of time to get going. I'll post on these forums when all is ready to go. Uses RP2 for simplicity, but you could replace it all with vanilla redstone if you wanted to take up the extra space.