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    It is to avoid the possibility of bugs or balance issues with IC2 items being enchanted. Allegedly there is no way to disable enchanting on only certain items yet.

    ah okay.

    i didnt think that it would be too difficult to make a difference between the normal tools and the added tools tho;
    since enchantments already make a difference between certain items. like swords (sword-enchantments) and tools (tool-enchantments)

    im already using buildcraft. in fact i started with buildcraft today.

    currently im using 4 recyclers, feeded by 2 chests and while i know that i could filter the stuff with diamond pipes (didnt build any of them yet, but since already the iron-pipes seem bugged, i dont know if everything would work correctly) , i dont want to have to build a recycler for every sort of item i want to recycle.

    i dont know if it is possible to code something like this, but its something i would really admire.

    right now its annoying when you have to watch your recyclers because you dont have a full 64-stack of stone/dirt/whatever to recycle but lots of different stuff.

    u dont need a new generators for that.
    u just have to change the geothermal generator to work different in the nether.
    and maybe the normal generator so burning stuff in the nether would be more efficient.

    but i completely agree, right now there isnt much to do in the nether with industrialcraft...