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    ummm, do you have custom ore gen installed, or something. there are small ores all over but there 1 here and there, that drop either crushed or dust, not the ore it's self. and unless you have another mod adding regular style veins of ore they should still be in the large 3x3 chunk style veins with a mix of 3 or 4 ores per vein.

    My only mods are fastcraft, Gregtech 6, CodeChickencore, NEI, and IC2, all 1.7.10 version. I can upload video showing the world gen.

    most of the veins are the same, if not all, other than the changes in banded iron replacing iron. Also you can look in gregtech config folder for the world generation file and find all the info in there.

    Really, the same? Didn't Gregtech 5 have enormous Veins that were like, 16x16x8 at the smallest with up to 4 different ore types? I'm playing and I'm finding small veins not unlike vanilla veins, with at most 2 different types. And So far I haven't found too much other than copper, tin, lead, and banded iron, the former 3 of which I've found at all levels. Seems entirely different from gregtech 5.

    I'll watch the tutorials soon, though. Thanks for the link.

    I've just started a world with Gregtech 6 and I have to say I love it a lot more than Gregtech 5. Gregtech 5 was super cool, but was rather overwhelming. This one, on the other hand, feels far more fluid and is incredibly satisfying to play through. You did an amazing job on it.

    One thing I am wondering, however, is the levels that all of the ores could be found at. Here:

    There was was a guide to where to find all of the different ore veins and the math behind it. Is there such a guide yet for gregtech 6, and if so, wher might I find it?

    Hey, does anyone have a list of all the ore veins that can spawn, at what levels, at what rarity, and with what ores in them? The wiki is missing them. In fact, I really feel like the ftb wiki is not up to date with the latest GT (though I understand it is a known problem).

    For example: I can find, at high levels, Coal and Lignite coal in a single vein. A medium levels I can find veins or iron, pyrite, copper, and chalcopyrite.

    I think that we should try to compile a list if there isn't one already.